US Flag Missing: Democrat's Globalist Convention in Philadelphia Completely Absent of Any US Flags

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By Barry Secrest

Sometimes it's hard to notice what's missing, however, in contrast with the Republican convention, there is one integral component which essentially encompasses the entire meaning of a nation's election, and that's the venerated symbol of the nation, which is its national flag.

Indeed, millions of men and women have fought and died for the US flag and have been born & buried under its shroud, but the American flag  is, somehow, conspicuously missing at the democrat convention at Philadelphia arena.

The Daily Caller,  to its infinite credit, was the publication that noticed the fact that not one US flag can be seen in the vast Philadelphia arena housing the democrat convention.

 In photo after photo, not one actual US flag can be seen.

By contrast, the Republican convention in Cleveland featured the US flag in almost every nook and cranny.

Heck, even the GOP convention graphic suggests a US flag

So why no flag for the democrats?

Easy, the democrat party has been, now, completely infiltrated and is an anti-nationalist globalist party, dedicated not to the United States, but rather to the world.

The US flag is a thing better to be trampled upon and or burnt, rather than proudly displayed to democrats.

These people are not proud of their nation, they're proud only of their ideology.

In fact, in most cases, a typical democrat of today views the US flag as a symbol of division and oppression rather than a beacon to the free world.

This is why it's so important to understand who their party leader is and what they're actually about rather than to merely listen to their political rhetoric.

Globalists, by their very natures, cannot be loyal to any individual nation, theirs is an ideology dedicated only to global causes which automatically precludes any sort of obedience to any respective nation, or people.

This is why there are no US flags in attendance at the DNC.

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