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Frauke Petry has said a deadline must be implemented for the EU project

Ms Petry said Britain’s historic decision to leave the EU last month should be an inspiration for other countries across the continent - with an increasing number of people in Germany now favouring their own exit. 

She said: “I think we must finally set a deadline for the EU or all EU governments: if we don’t achieve any radical reforms in five years, then the question will also be raised in Germany.”

Ms Petry’s party has reached a polling high of 15 per cent in recent months, showing a growing demand for Eurosceptic and anti-immigration politics in the country. 

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The 41-year-old said Germany was “waking up” - and also predicted in-out referendums being held in the near future in the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria. She said many now want a “return to the status of a common market, a Europe of sovereign states.”


Frauke Petry is pushing for an EU referendum for Germany and a block on refugees

Ms Petry said the slaughter of a 85-year-old priest in Normandy this week, as well as four attacks in Germany over the past ten days, clearly showed the need for greater immigration controls.

She told the Financial Times: “The victims don’t care whether the perpetrator is a jihadi or a frustrated rampager. What more has to happen before we begin to check who comes into our country?”

She said a complete ban of refugees was necessary to secure the safety of the country’s - and even advocated the use of armed force by border guards. 


Angela Merkel's open-door immigration policy has come under heavy criticism

Ms Petry said: “We simply demand the application of the valid law at the border. Whoever damages the borders with violence must be shown the consequences by the border guards.”

She added guards should be permitted to “use firearms if necessary.”


Germany has been targeted in a number of terror attacks over the last week

However, the politician’s political sympathies and no-nonsense approach has lead to critics calling for the party to be treated as a far-right or even Neo-Nazi organisation. Some have even called for the party to be monitored by Germany’s intelligence organisation.

She said: “What can you say about such a grotesque demand? These people are clearly worried that the AfD will take their jobs away and now use all means to denigrate our party.”

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