Lame Cherry: Hillary Clinton Treated for Cancer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember the Cruz bad omen before he committed suicide in Cleveland? How his gathering had the Trump Boeing fly over and no one cared about Ted Cruz any more?

Well it has happened in Philadelphia with a fire and brimstone storm causing the DNC to run for their lives.

This though is not the real problem which Hillary Clinton faces at this moment, as her real problem is medical.

No it is not the reality that Huma Abedin has declared that Hillary Rodham Clinton is brain damaged asĀ  she is dazed and confused, requiring around 14 hours per day in sleep, and takes naps so she can rest up enough to not succumb to sleeping, to end up with a toe tag in the morgue.

No, the real Hillary Clinton medical emergency is not her hacking cough, which now hints at cancer, but the huge crater on her tongue which appeared as image Obama attempted to pass the baton to Mrs. Clinton on Wednesday night at the DNC convention.

This is a most serious reality, as this is a concave marking on her tongue, and the only way one has one of these is that a physician has cut out a huge growth on the tongue, and the only reason one cuts out this huge of a growth on a tongue, is it is cancer.

Considering the depraved sexual world which Mrs. Clinton has been involved with in her entire life, it is not surprising that either in her lesbian encounters or her oral fellatio encounters with her husband, Bill Clinton, that someone gave Mrs. Clinton oral cancer in the HPV class of sexual cancers.

This virus appears on the tongue, the throat, the cheek, and in genitals, and it appears apparently in Mrs. Clinton's mouth. To note an example, actress Colleen Zenk of the soap opera As the World Turns has had oral cancer and been treated numerousĀ  times for this disease, to the extent that part of her tongue had to be removed to save her life, and she now speaks with a lisp.

Hillary Clinton has apparently reached a second stage cancer which required radical surgery and has hidden it from the public. It appears this operation has been in the past several months and like Emailgate, it is just another one of those things that Hillary Clinton has kept hidden from the public, as in stealing the election from Bernie Sanders voters.

This is an issue which must be addressed in Hillary Clinton can use surrogates to attack Donald Trump to release his taxes, which he will in the mountains of those papers once the audits are complete, but the fact is, it is time for the complete medical history of Hillary Hamrod Clinton to be given to the American public, who she is telling in Tim Kaine's attacks on Mr. Trump to "believe her".

I do not believe Hillary Clinton, and it is a point now in wondering not when Hillary Clinton's head is going to fall off, but when. Will it be Hillary coughing her head off? Will it be Hillary losing her head with a rotting brain, or will it be Hillary Clinton's head rotting off with cancer?

There are many bad omens around Hillary Clinton, in Biblical storms in Democrats fleeing for their lives and now the discovery of Hillary Clinton's cancer.

Anthony Wiener better have his balls checked, considering where his wife Huma has been.