Clinton Campaign Stunner – Dismal Attendance For Hillary Clinton Key Note Address in Kansas City…

The National Baptist Convention is being held in Kansas City Missouri with thousands of baptist worshipers from all fifty states.  Hillary Clinton was the key note speaker.

The convention organizers anticipated considerable -and enthusiastic- attendance, amid a predominantly black audience.  The first day of the convention almost every seat was full –SEE HERE–  There was no reason to anticipate the convention attendees would not show up for Hillary Clinton.

The Kansas City Convention Center was set up in the same manner as the prior days general sessions where almost every seat was full.  According to the convention center “This annual meeting typically draws 20,000 or more delegates”.

Then this happened:

It gets worse:

And worse:

The thousands of delegates attending the convention, who previously filled those seats, just didn’t show up for Hillary Clinton’s Key Note Address.  They blew her off.

Here’s the convention general session attendance:

Here’s the attendance during Hillary Clinton Key Note Address:

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The stunningly lackluster results must be sending shock waves throughout the DNC and Clinton Campaign.  This portends trouble….  Big Trouble.

The latest poll results via Kansas City Star for the presidential race – Sept 6th:

In a four-way race for president:

The local media tried to put the best possible spin on the outcome – HERE

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of delegates of the National Baptist Convention had the opportunity to hear Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak at the Kansas City Convention Center Thursday afternoon.

It was a rare treat for supporters who have never seen Clinton in person.

[…]  Clinton has a long and supportive relationship with the National Baptist Conference, and has a large number of votes locked up among its members. (read more)

Meanwhile outside the Baptist Convention venue:

Mr. Van Jones, please pick up the red emergency phone.