VIDEO-Clinton Campaign Attempt To “Walk Back” Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorable Americans” Scripted Comments… | The Last Refuge

Regrets, she has a few,… but then again, too few to mention...

The Clinton Campaign is attempting to clean up Hillary’s flubbed Alinsky narrative to divide, isolate, ridicule and marginalize Donald Trump’s supporters.  Releasing the following statement:

Just to be clear.  Hillary Clinton calling half of Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorable Americans” was not some off-the-cuff comment.  It was written into her teleprompter, and it was also evidenced a week earlier when the approach was first tested out.

Watch the first run:

The goal of the “basket” narrative was to divide Trump supporters and create a toxic image. It was simply a campaign strategy, and Hillary Clinton screwed up the approach by quantifying the basket as “half” of Trump supporters.

At its political core, the advancement of liberalism is based on division. Alinsky Rules for Radicals: Isolate, Ridicule, Marginalize.

Hillary Clinton is not apologizing for dividing and labeling millions of Americans; she simply regrets screwing up a well-planned strategy by her campaign team with her flubbed delivery therein. Nothing more.

Secretary Clinton only regrets screwing up the intended plan, and now the Clinton campaign is trying to figure out if they can recover the original intent of the scheme, by parsing out the “grossly generalistic” aspect.

The campaign, and the entire media apparatus who were previewed on the campaign strategy (evidenced by their being allowed to film the fundraiser commentary), want to push a narrative that Trump supporters are: “racist, nativist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, bigoted etc.  They had it all set up:

This approach was all pre-scripted.  The entire design was planned well in advance, and scheduled for a Friday delivery to give the media all weekend to discuss.  The media was there at the fundraiser to film the event and have the captured soundbite for the use by the campaign advocates.

She blew it.  It backfired.

Secretary Clinton and her campaign come across as what they are: elitist ideologues dependent on retention of power by dividing Americans.


“Isn’t it disgraceful that Hillary Clinton makes the worst mistake of the political season and instead of owning up to this grotesque attack on American voters, she tries to turn it around with a pathetic rehash of the words and insults used in her failing campaign? For the first time in a long while, her true feelings came out, showing bigotry and hatred for millions of Americans.

How can she be President of our country when she has such contempt and disdain for so many great Americans? Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself, and this proves beyond a doubt that she is unfit and incapable to serve as President of the United States. I will be President for all of the people, and together we will Make America Great Again.”

~ Donald J. Trump