Albright Panetta Consulting-WikiLeaks - The Podesta Emails To: Date: 2015-09-24 16:09 Subject: Fwd: pre-call today at 2pm ?

sorry not sure if these got to you in time and know you're boarding train ? 2pm prep call just started, Albright leading. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Laura Rosenberger Date: Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 1:26 PM Subject: Re: pre-call today at 2pm ? To: Sara Latham Cc: Milia Fisher Sure - attached is a brief memo we sent to Albright, Panetta, and Bayh for the calls today/tomorrow. Also attached the invite list for tomorrow. will send confirmed list later. Today's call is really just to coordinate - Jake will lead, and joining will be Albright, Panetta, Donilon (who can't join tomorrow) and Sandy Berger; Bayh's flight was delayed so he can't join today but will tomorrow. Obviously welcome John giving a sense of our strong interest in stepping up our national security outreach/messaging, and the critical role these folks will play in both doing so and in enlisting others (but also understand he may be in listening mode since he'll be on the train)? can send a few points later for John for tomorrow - is he still planning to join late? let me know what else he needs. --Laura On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 1:11 PM, Sara Latham wrote: > hi - > > do you have the participants for today's call ? > agenda ? > > same for tomorrow, when you have it - so we can let John know who's > confirmed, the agenda - and what we want him to say ?!?! > > thx, > Sara >