VIDEO-HA HA! AM Joy Panel Laughs Hard At Trump Surrogate | Crooks and Liars

Steve Cortes should have stayed in bed this morning.

On today's AM Joy, Kurt Eichenwald stated the facts in the Comey email nothingburger in two minutes. This is about emails that were printed by a staffer, and did not come from Hillary Clinton herself. It's office work.

So Joy Reid asked Trump surrogate Cortes if he wanted to support politics that "criminalized the mundane."

CORTES: When you say it's mundane, let me tell you someone who doesn't agree, not from me. Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame, [laughter from panel] who knows quite a bit about political scandal. He said, this is, quote, a bombshell. He said it is unthinkable the Director of the FBI would take this action lightly. He believes it's a bombshell. I think most of the American public understands this is a bombshell.

EICHENWALD: I don't care what Carl Bernstein says.

Exactly. No one cares what Carl Bernstein has to say about email nothingburger. Cortes found a quote that agreed with his position and used it because he has nothing else.

This Friday "bombshell" absolutely fizzled when we discovered these were not Clinton's emails, not from her server, and apparently an effort by Comey to quiet down the wingnuts on his own staff.

Do stay until the end of this clip, to watch Cortes freak out when Joe Conason brings up Manafort, Russia, and a likely FBI investigation into foreign meddling in our election. It's a classic.