Brexit vote regret now greater than Leave margin of victory

It has become a commonplace: The notion that many people who voted "Leave" in the EU referendum now regret their vote because they didn't think "Leave" would win or they didn't realise the consequences of leaving the Single Market would be so bad.

If you search for "Brexit I didn't think it would happen" you get dozens of stories about hapless voters who thought they were merely casting a protest vote, not fundamentally altering the economic and constitutional basis of the entire country.

This iconic tweet from the day after the EU referendum sums it all up:

Now, a poll from British Election Study, an academic group dedicated to voting trend research, has found that the portion of Leave voters who regret their vote (or "don't know") is greater than the total margin of victory for Brexit. The poll was noticed by The Economist:

The Economist

That level of post-poll regret is unusual; only 4% of voters regretted their ballot in the 2015 general election.

The margin in the Brexit vote was 52% to 48% in favour of Leave. The BES study suggests that if the vote were taken again today then Britain would stay inside the EU.

Here's Edith Piaf.