Doug Band Warning: Chelsea "Conducting An Internal Investigation" Of Foundation And Shared With A "Bush 43 Kid"

Two days ago we wrote about a mutiny of CHAI management against the Clinton Foundation after they grew weary of donors' complaints about conflicts of interest...apparently donors weren't happy contributing money to the Clinton Foundation for their AIDS/HIV work only to find out later that the money never actually made it to the Clinton Health Initiative but instead stayed within the Clinton Foundation. 

And, of course, the 2011/2012 feud between Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton is also something we've covered at great length (see here and here).

Now, today's WikiLeaks dump reveals yet another gem in the Doug/Chelsea saga which draws in one of the "Bush 43 kids." 

I just received a call from a close friend of wjcs who said that cvc told one of the bush 43 kids that she is conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation from cgi to the foundation


The bush kid then told someone else who then told an operative within the republican party



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