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Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton on Saturday for appearing alongside Jay-Z on a Cleveland, Ohio concert stage after the music superstar dropped F-bombs and rapped with N-word after N-word.

'I actually like Jay-Z. But you know, the language last night! Ohhh! Ooooh!' Trump said in Tampa, Florida. 'Maybe I'll just try it. Should I use that language? Can you imagine if I said that?'

'So he used every word in the book,' the Republican presidential nominee fumed. 'I won't even use the initials, because I'd get in trouble. It'll get me in trouble. He used every word in the book last night.'

'I tell you what: I've never said what he said – in my life!'

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Donald Trump has mocked Hillary Clinton for her campaign's decision to hold an event with Jay-Z and Beyonce on Friday night

Jay Z was one of the headline acts for the Democratic presidential candidate's big musical night in Ohio 

Beyonce, Hillary and Jay Z stand on stage during a massive Clinton campaign rally in Cleveland on Friday night 

The rapper's repertoire Friday night included his hit 'F**kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.'

He also performed a song called 'Jigga My N***a,' including a line that declared: '[I'm] Jay-Z, motherf***er!'

As he took the stage, a PA announcer blared: 'You're tuned into the motherf**king greatest!'

One portion of his rap included the lyrics: 'If you feelin' like a pimp n***a, go and brush your shoulders off.'

'Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off. N***a is crazy, baby, don't forget that boy told you. Get that dirt off your shoulders.'

After telling the audience that 'we're stronger together,' echoing Clinton's campaign slogan, he called her presidential bid 'historic – this is a moment in time.

The Democratic candidate carried on her use of celebrity endorsements with just four days to go until the election 

'We don't need Jay-Z to fill up arenas. We do it the old-fashioned way, folks,' Trump said to his supporters on Saturday morning

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in the Special Events Center on the Florida State Fairgrounds

Then minutes later he shifted gears and rapped,  'I don't f**k with you. You little stupid-a** b***h, I ain't f**kin' with you.'

Jay-Z said onstage after he was done performing: 'Ohio, we are on the doorstep of history. I am here tonight because respect matters. Respect matters to me.'

Trump also mocked Clinton on Saturday morning for drawing a smaller crowd than his own on Friday night, despite having both Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé at her side.

The trio attracted 10,000 people – many of whom filed out after the concert and before the Democratic nominee took the stage.

'We don't need Jay-Z to fill up arenas. We do it the old-fashioned way, folks,' Trump said. 'We fill it up because you love what we're saying and you want to make America great again.'

‘Ohio we are on the doorstep of history,’ said Jay Z after the show. ‘I am here tonight because respect matters. Respect matters to me’

Beyonce sported an 'I'm With Her' t-shirt as the trio spoke back stage before the concert 

They cracked a laugh at one of Clinton's jokes as they prepared to take the stage in the key battleground state of Ohio 

As Clinton was trying to rally Ohioans with star power, Trump attracted a larger crowd on his own in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The local fire department estimated Trump's crowd at 11,500. Reports from outside describe an additional 3,000 people who arrived too late to get through Secret Service screening in time to hear the rally.

Trump, as he frequently does, inflated his crowd-count for dramatic effect.

In Hershey, Pennsylvania last night we had an arena. We had 27,000 people show up!' he said.

Whatever the real number was, Trump gloated that his audience was bigger that Clinton's

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds on Saturday

Donald Trump lifts up a baby as kisses it during a campaign stop in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday November 5

Hillary Clinton embraces Beyonce after the artist performed at a free concert in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday night 

Beyonce's backing dancers dressed up in Hillary's traditional pantsuits as she performed an array of her hits - and gave the former first lady a massive endorsement 

'Jay-Z! They got free tickets – free tickets! ... and Beyoncé, and I like them both.'

But he had 'far more' people on his own, he said.

The Republican's Tampa stop was the first in a four-rally day that will cover four swing states and more than 4,400 miles of travel.

After southwestern Florida he goes to Wilmington, North Carolina, and then flies clear across the country for a rally in Reno, Nevada.

His plane then heads to Denver for a 9:30 p.m. rally. That's nearly midnight on the east coast.

Sunday will bring more fireworks with 11th-hour campaign events in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – and schedulers could still add an evening stop in Virginia.

Monday's schedule calls for Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire before the campaign winds down and Trump wakes up to vote Tuesday morning in New York City.

Trump's warmup acts included comedian and former Saturday Night Live actor Joe Piscopo, and retired college football coach Lou Holtz. Both made surprise appearances.

'We're ready to send a message to politicians that we're ready to take our country back,' said Piscopo, 65.

Beyonce has made no support for the Democrats no secret, but she urged the crowd to get out and vote as they still have 'unfinished business' 

'I am not drinking the Kool-Aid here ... It's the machine against the masses [and] the rigged against the respectful.'

Holtz said Florida's electoral votes will determine the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election.

'The future of this country rests with the people of this state,' he said.

'Donald Trump can change the direction of this country, and God knows we need it.'

Holtz, an ardent Roman Catholic who rose to fame coaching at the University of Notre Dame, blasted Clinton for her pro-abortion position, saving special scorn for her refusal to condemn late-term abortions.

'She's for late-term abortion – the day before the baby's being born!' Holtz claimed.

'If I destroy an eagle egg, I can go to jail! Who's going to speak for an unborn child?' 

In case the biggest stars in rap aren't enough to get her supporters' attention, Clinton will campaign with hoops star LeBron James in Cleveland on Sunday, her campaign announced.

'Stronger Together! We're stronger together,' Jay Z yelled into the mic during his set