Family of girl, raped, murdered by illegal Afghan, asks for DONATIONS FOR MIGRANTS on her behalf - The Rebel

The high ranking EU bureaucrat whose med-school daughter was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan is asking that people donate to a migrant charity in his dead daughter's name.

From the Daily Mail:

The family of an EU official's teenage daughter who was allegedly raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant in Germany has asked for well-wishers to donate money to a refugee charity. [...]

As the 19-year-old student's family tries to come to terms with their loss, they have asked for donations to be made to an organisation that aids refugees.

Maria, 19, worked in her spare time in the ancient university city of Freiburg helping out the migrants in various shelters and homes. But in October, as she cycled home after a party, she was ambushed, raped and then drowned in a river. 

German intellectual and pundit Nicolaus Fest, who was banned from "Die Welt" publication after saying that Islam was not compatible with Western culture and law, has made this video about this case:

The Rebel has also published this story about how a woman was banned from Facebook after posting an excerpt from the accused rapist-killer's own Facebook page.

The Rebel's initial report on this event is here.