VIDEO - Hours After Harassing Ivanka on Flight, Watch What Man Does When Confronted by...

One of the most talked about stories this week was the realization that the liberal left has become so unhinged over Trump’s victory that his children aren’t allowed to be treated like decent human beings anymore.

Ivanka Trump and her children were verbally berated by a passenger on a Jet Blue flight because…they exist.

Not only that, liberals tried to blame Ivanka for the whole thing.

Now, it looks like the guy who yelled at her doesn’t want to talk anymore.

From The Daily Caller:

The man who harassed Ivanka Trump on a commercial flight out of New York is now refusing to speak.

Dan Goldstein — a lawyer who lives in Brooklyn — remained silent when he was approached by a TMZ photographer at the San Francisco airport Thursday, just hours after he and his husband were kicked off a JetBlue flight because he berated the president-elect’s daughter.

That’s weird.

What’s wrong tough guy?

Not so tough now that millions of Americans know what a creep you are?

Can you imagine if this had happened to the child of a Democrat?

Whether grown up or not.  The hypocrisy here is mind numbing.

I hated this article. I'm a liberal.