VIDEO - John Kerry: Israel can be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.

Team CrowderWednesday December 28 2016

The past week has shown how much the Obama Administration hates Israel (see Alan Dershowitz Face-Stomps Obama Over Anti-Israel Resolution and Netanyahu Spokesperson: Obama ‘Helped Craft’ Abominable Anti-Israel Resolution). This past year has shown how much John Kerry is a blithering idiot (see John Kerry Wants Media to ‘Stop Covering Terrorism’ and John Kerry Idiotically Claims Climate Change as Dangerous as ISIS). But according to our current, and THANKFULLY outgoing Secretary of State, Israel has a choice about being either Jewish or democratic.

No, seriously. There is video…

“Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.”

I’m actually pretty speechless. It was always assumed the Obama Administration hated Israel. Most of the people who influence Barack Obama made it appear the president most likely hated Israel, leaving room for “reasonable doubt.” But the administration at least paid lip service. Now? After Secretary Lurch says “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic,” and finishes the job the UN resolution started? The president and his slimy cronies aren’t even bothering to cover it up. They hate Israel, they do not believe it should be its own state, they’re perfectly fine catering to the whims of Palestinians who teach their toddlers to slaughter the Jews. I poop swastica you not. Watch Palestinians Teach Their Children to Stab Jews… And They’re Doing It.

Oh no, that video isn’t a one off. The “state” of Palestine hates Israel and wants to see it blown off the map. And if they can’t blow it up, they’ll kill Israelis one by one. Here are some more of the Palestinians greatest hits:

There is no no doubt that the Obama Administration despises Israel. There is no doubt Obama sides with Palestine, sympathizes with Islamic nations, sees Israel as the enemy. Israel, the stabilizing democracy in the Middle East, is seen as the enemy amidst nations which promote terrorism. This is our president. Yay.

Obama is conducting his own private little war against Israel in his final thirty days in office. Which, in my opinion, makes Obama the lowest form of human sludge to ever ooze across our planet and slink into the Oval Office. He has tarnished the office of President. May he forever look back on his legacy to see it burned to the ground by future leadership.

You have a lot of work ahead of you, President-Elect Trump. A lot of work.