Ben Shapiro Crushes Clock Boy in Court - Katie Pavlich

On Thursday afternoon a Texas Judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro by Mohammed Mohammed, the father of "clock boy" Ahmed Mohammed. 

Claiming defamation, Mohammed filed the lawsuit in October 2015 after Shapiro made an appearance on The Kelly File questioning Ahmed's story and motives surrounding a clock he brought to school that looked like a bomb. Ahmed was detained by police for the "clock" and was suspended. His family, who has ties to foreign regimes sponsoring terrorism, and CAIR promptly accused the school of Islamophobia and racial profiling. 

Today, they were defeated in their quest to silence those who exposed them as activists, terror sympathizers and politically motivated.

"Ben Shapiro has always been a steadfast advocate of the First Amendment and there was never any doubt he was going to stand up for his right to speak freely," Shapiro's attorney Kurt Schlichter of Schlichter & Shonack LLP in Los Angeles tells Townhall. "I’m very grateful that the state of Texas takes the first amendment seriously,I only wish my own state of California would do the same, especially after the fiasco at Berkeley yesterday.”

According to the ruling, Shapiro is entitled to attorneys fees, court costs and other expenses from Mohammed. Payment must made within 14 days.

Editor's note: Kurt Schlichter is a regular columnist for You can read his columns here.

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