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Hi Peter, Thank you and no, I thought some silence may be best after a stormy motion. I don’t think, and as far I have discovered reading the many people who write and share their thoughts and ideas on POM, there are none that were upset and traumatized about the disgusting and sick burning on the clip that JC posted. However, everyone of us human beings regardless of where we come from have their own unique and perhaps distinct way of dealing with trauma.

I am also unsure as to why and how you came to the conclusion that anyone has been taking a “nibble at your heel” Peter. I am certain you have taken this completely the wrong way. I am old enough, now in my mid 50’s to know not be resentful or nasty with people who share high ideals and are good natured, well informed and wise. Why would I do that to you or anybody else, Peter? I am sorry, I think you have misunderstood me and my comments.

I also have no cause other than seeing abundance, loving-kindness and seeing people around me and everywhere happy, fulfilled and content. That has been my aim since my early 20’s. So, no Peter, I can assure you that I had no bad or negative feelings or intentions regarding your comment whatsoever, but you are free to interpret what I wrote earlier, or not! In fact, with English being my second language, I often search for certain words, such as slangs and colloquial local terms that people use, in various English speaking countries, from which I had the fortune of having lived in 3 of them.

I have to admit, I have to read your particular posts a couple of times since I feel you have a lot to say and your writing style is far more complex than mine, and my range of vocabulary is probably not as good as a native English speaker, but I love etymology of words and that helps me a great deal to find the meanings of terms often.

Regarding Gurdjieff, I have to admit I am a big fan of this unique man of enigma and I had the fortune of meeting few of the “remarkable men” that admired his work, in my early years as an initiate of an Iranian Sufi order. So we share more than you thought perhaps.

Anyway, I do hope if you felt the slightest that I was in any way unkind or rude to you, I sincerely seek your forgiveness and I want you to know that there was no motives or any bad feelings whatsoever on my part.

I wish you a wonderful Saturday my dear friend.