VIDEO - #GE2017 | Novara Media

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has enjoyed a dramatic rise in popularity by calling for an overhaul of the democratic system. Could constitutional reform be the populist strategy Corbyn has been looking for?

Snap Election: FML or FTW?

Matt Zarb-Cousin, fresh from leaving Corbyn’s media team, joins Michael and Aaron on TyskySour to discuss the snap election.

#GE2017: Barbarism or Socialism

Aaron Bastani examines the opportunities and difficulties that face us after Theresa May's announcement of another general election.

TWT: Taking Back Control?

In a special podcast, James Butler speaks about control and power with organisers of The World Transformed's 'Take Back Control' tour.

Organising to Win

Michael and Aaron are joined on TyskySour by Jane McAlevey and George Woods to discuss how workers can organise and win.

Should Corbyn really take the blame for Copeland? An open letter to Owen Jones

Owen Jones’s recent video and column looked to Labour’s rout in the Copeland by-election to question Jeremy Corbyn’s future. Wider questions remain, but this open letter asks whether it’s fair to blame Corbyn for Copeland.

What next for Labour?

Right wing values have never had greater express consent – so what does Labour do as many UKIP voters turn Tory, empowering Theresa May?

4 Reflections on Left Populism

Is a genuine left-wing populism possible?