VIDEO - ABC Hammers FBI Director Comey, Push that He Swayed Election | MRCTV

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FBI Director James Comey went before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday where is was grilled by partisan Democrats about his supposed influence in Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Of the Big Three Networks ABC appeared to be the most irate over Comey’s sworn testimony.  “Comey, animated in his answers, facing questions about whether his decision just 11 days before the election affected the outcome,” announced Anchor David Muir at the start World News Tonight.

“And he was pressed: Why didn’t he reveal the investigation into Donald Trump’s associates and Russia, but did go public when it came to Hillary Clinton,” Muir continued before handing the story over to Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, who took shot after shot at the FBI Director.

Thomas started off his report by playing a clip of him from January 10 badgering Comey, asking: “Director Comey, were you comfortable with the role you played in the investigation?” He also opened by chiding that Comey had been “under the microscope since the election” and that he was once again “in the hot seat.”