VIDEO - ABC Fears Trump ‘Targeting Michelle Obama’s Legacy’ on School Lunches | MRCTV

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Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts was aghast on Tuesday that the Trump administration was supposedly “appearing to target both the former administration” by “taking steps to roll back Michelle Obama’s healthy food initiative for kids.” The on-screen headline during the ABC report blared: “White House Scales Back School Lunch Guidelines; Is Trump Targeting Michelle Obama’s Legacy?”

Correspondent Cecilia Vega explained: “Yeah, Robin, this is coming from the new Agriculture Secretary, Sonny Perdue. He says that students essentially aren’t eating the food, they don’t like it. Cafeterias and schools have complained about it. So, hence, these changes.” She noted the modest changes to the onerous regulations: “They would relax whole grain requirements. They allow 1% fat flavored milk back into school cafeterias. And then they relax these sodium limits...”