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Insiders are expecting to receive “major” news from the crown after the sudden call to rush to the capital was issued.

Her Majesty’s servants from as far afield as Balmoral have been ordered to attend the special meeting led by the Lord Chamberlain – the most senior officer of the royal household.

The Queen's right-hand man Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt will also speak at the hastily called conference, with the subject remaining a secret to even most long serving members of staff.

One Royal insider told the Mail: “Everyone is on tenterhooks.

“Although meetings involving the entire Royal household are occasionally called, the way this has been done at the eleventh hour is highly unusual and suggests that there is something major to be disseminated.

Tue, April 25, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II making her Royal visits in her many colourful and elegant outfits.


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Seven year old Dina Rayburn presents Queen Elizabeth II with flowers during a ceremony at Windsor Castle to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Motability


The Palace has declined to comment on the meeting

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“But at the moment, only those closest to her genuinely know what on earth this is all about.”

The Palace has declined to comment on the meeting, called last night, while sources have said it would be wrong to speculate as the Lord Chamberlain calls household staff meetings from time to time.

An Express.co.uk journalist at the scene confirmed that Buckingham Palace’s flags were not at half mast.

But later at 5:20am a staff member was seen near the flag on the roof of Buckingham palace.


Buckingham Palace’s flags are not at half mast

Clive Annapolis, who was out on a morning run past the palace, told express.co.uk he doesn’t normally “see anything out of the ordinary”.

He added: “The guards are normally where they are standing."

Kim from Michigan, who arrived at the palace early in the morning, said: ”People are going to have a shock when they wake up in England. 

“My phone is blowing up. 

Thu, March 9, 2017

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh royal visits in pictures.

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The Duke of Edinburgh and Tom Cruise during a dinner at Buckingham Palace

“All my American friends want to know. 

“American news are reporting it is Prince Phillip, which would be big news, we are real royalists"

Meanwhile worried citizens from around the world have taken to social media to comment on the mysterious meeting.

One user wrote: “Sitting here at work, waiting for the Buckingham Palace announcement. 


A staff member was later spotted on the roof of the palace

“Prayers out to Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.”

Another added: “Why I am so nervous about the secret meeting at Buckingham Palace?

“I’m not even British.”

Queen Elizabeth turned 91 last month, and her husband Prince Philip is set to celebrate his 96th birthday in June.

Her Majesty has gradually began to wind down the number of official duties and engagements, handing over her responsibilities to other members of the Royal family.


Her Majesty has gradually began to wind down a number of official duties and engagements

But despite stepping down as patron from 25 national organisations and handing over duties which include long haul travel, the hard working monarch still takes part in over 300 engagements every year.

There was widespread concern across the Commonwealth for both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s health over Christmas, eventually forcing her majesty to miss her traditional Christmas day service.

Yesterday her Majesty met with Prime Minister Theresa May for the devolution of parliament ahead of June’s snap general election.

More to follow…

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