Breaking: WannaCry has been decrypted, if you follow the rules @ AskWoody

Posted on May 19th, 2017 at 07:37 woody

For those of you who were infected with WannaCry, very good news. If you see the WannaCry ransom screen:


Matt Suiche has confirmed that the wanakiwi tool can reach into your infected Win7 machine and retrieve the decryption key. The tool was created by Benjamin Delpy, @gentilkiwi. Per Suiche:

His tool is very ingenious as it does not look for the actual key but the prime numbers in memory to recompute the key itself. In short, his technique is totally bad ass and super smart.

Suiche has confirmed that the tool works on WinXP x86, Server 2003 x86, and Win7 x86 “This would imply it works for every version of Windows from XP to 7, including… Vista and 2008 and 2008 R2.”

Remember, the original WannaCry worm ONLY infects Windows 7 computers. Anything you’ve read to the contrary is wrong.

REMEMBER – You have to make sure your Windows machines are updated, to protect against new versions of WannaCry. They’re starting to make an appearance. If you haven’t already done it, drop everything and get patched now. Every Windows machine. No exceptions.

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