VIDEO - [WATCH] Rachel Maddow: Trump Team Does Not “Get To Make Their Own News | Deadline

Visiting Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show to celebrate her status these days as host of the No. 1 program on cable news, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow got asked if President Donald Trump’s overseas trip was an opportunity to calm things down at home, and maybe his being too tired to tweet might be a “positive thing for him.”

Maddow dismissed that idea, noting Washington Post reported Friday night,as Trump’s plane took off, that there is a significant person of interest in the FBI probe who currently is working actively in the White House as a senior adviser. She said she finds it “mysterious” Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon got sent home Monday as former NSA Michael Flynn signaled he will plead the Fifth, telegraphing subject of her next program.

“They don’t get to make their own news any more,” Maddow asserted. “Once you’re the first president in U.S. history who is under counterintelligence investigation by the FBI, and likely under a criminal obstruction of justice probe for something that you openly committed, and then bragged about to the Russians before you bragged about it to NBC News, you don’t get to make your own news any more .

“At this point the news of the Trump administration is the news of people investigating it and figuring out what’s really going on.”

After an ad break, Colbert and Maddow – both of whom have benefited enormously ratings-wise, from Trump being in the White House, pondered his political future. Maddow said she thought Republicans would step up if investigation findings warranted action. Colbert, however, noted people lowered their “standards and norms” to elect him POTUS ,and suspects that degrading will only continue “as we pick sides”: