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Petition update

May 20, 2017 —  UPDATED BELOW


It has been brought to my attention that late last night, the signature count started going backwards. From the time the first screen capture was taken (by a supporter) until now, some 6 hours later (different time zones), more than 2,000 signatures have disappeared.

I have signed petitions here in the past, and I am not aware of a way to un-sign one once it has been signed. I have reached out to to find out why this might be happening.



I got a response from the folks at regarding the signature count dropping. Also, please note that prior to this reply, I got a message from a friend of mine who runs a very successful news aggregation website who told me the cause was essentially the same exact thing. The following is the text of the email:

"Hi again, Matt:

I wanted to follow up with you again today and say that I heard from our folks that the signature difference came from two sources: the removal of fraudulent signatures, as I mentioned earlier, and/or signatures being removed automatically due to invalid addresses.

Apologies for any alarm or confusion this has caused. Let me know if you have other questions!"


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