VIDEO - Scarborough Claims Trump Is 'Stalinist' And Blames Him for Montana Incident | MRCTV

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In the wake of the scuffle that occurred between GOP Montana Congressional Candidate Greg Giafonte and Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, co-host Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday went directly after President Donald Trump. “You can draw a straight line from Republican candidates thinking that sort of behavior is okay when you have Donald Trump berating reporters throughout the entire campaign, suggesting terrible things, calling them -- using the Stalinist term 'enemy of the people.'" He complained to panelist Mike Barnicle, “This is not a big leap from what the head of the Republican Party is saying every day and what happened last night in Montana.”

“On that straight line, Joe, you can track all of the candidates' prior statements about the media, the media is against us, the media is against you, the people,” Barnicle said, agreeing with Scarborough, “And it leads inevitably to something like this.” Scarborough would later repeat again the term Stalinist in reference to Trump with the following monologue: