VIDEO - In Wake of Left-Winger Shooting at Republicans, Brokaw Sees ‘Common Threats’ and Excoriates Far Right | MRCTV

Four days after a man, whose social media was plastered with hate for President Donald Trump, and who admired MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign, targeted with gunfire Republican congressmen playing baseball, NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw delivered a commentary about hate speech in which he never mentioned the left.

On the June 18 edition of Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, during which she earlier interviewed far-right conspiracy promoter Alex Jones, she cited the recent incident on a baseball field as she introduced Brokaw’s piece about “hate speech.” He denounced “the seizure on the net by hate groups of all kinds spreading their cancer of wholesale racism and violence” and the “reach and the poisonous claims of Alex Jones and others like him, and even establishment public figures.”

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