VIDEO - Desperate for Trump Timeliness, ABC, MSNBC Devote Four Hours to Watergate | MRCTV

[See NewsBusters for more.] Desperate to make some sort of historical connection, ABC and MSNBC over the weekend devoted a whopping four hours to prime time documentaries on Watergate. Aging documentaries aren’t exactly the first choice of these outlets, but as Robert Redford made clear on MSNBC, Saturday, America is close to a second Watergate: “Leaks. Secret tapes. Special prosecutors and presidential paranoia. When I hear those words today, they have a familiar echo to me.” In his introduction to All the President’s Men Revisited, the actor explained why MSNBC was re-airing a three-year-old documentary (made for the 40th anniversary of Watergate): “It struck me as prophetic and worth repeating today. We thought Watergate changed America and our political process. But did it?”