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Can a gyroscope tell if Earth is a spinning ball?

Well, Yes it can, according the Foucault in 1852, who conducted an experiment that is nonchalantly breezed over in Media and science books

Jean Bernard Léon Foucault was a French physicist best known for his demonstration of the Foucault pendulum, a device I will cover in detail in a later post. His gyroscope is on the right (below)

I thought this would be an excellent experiment to recreate with modern high precision technology and electric motors (on the left, above). So I did…

The premise is that if the Earth were moving, as we are taught, then a Gyroscope

spun up & ‘rigid in space’ on earth, would reflect this

movement by rotating 15 degrees per hour over a 3/6/12 hr


This video is not intended to provide proof of anything to

the viewer, It is provided as evidence in order for the viewer

to conduct their own experiments and build on this

knowledge base.


For any naysayers thinking the attached motor was some how to blame for the lack of precession, here’s an example from Rob Durham of a similar experiment but without the motor…

…And if you think the friction in the gimbal bearing would stop it rotating, check out my bearing friction experiment demonstrating it’s capabilities to register the alleged slow spin of earth (Cracking music by B.o.B too)


How and why is this important? Well let Bob from Globebusters, a pilot for 35 years, HAM Radio licence holder and electrical engineer, explain why the humble gyroscope is the number one proof that we live on a stationary plane

Here a time stamped clip of Bob discussing the gyroscope from a pilots point of view and the upcoming experiments they have planned it in the Flat Earth Fleet of planes at their disposal. He also bad mouths Leon Foucault which is always welcome on this blog, see here, here & here

GLOBEBUSTERS Gyro Update [Flat Earth]


Sadly I’ve not found any documentation to suggest that Airy ever performed the experiment himself, but his propensity to call experiments, that show no spin of the earth, a “failure” (see Airy’s Failure) speaks volumes about his confirmation bias.

However, that aside, the 7th Astronomer Royal does state that “By this device the action of gravity is eliminated” This is a fundamental property of a spinning gyroscope and even mainstream modern science has to admit it.

When I say that modern science agrees that gravity does not affect the gyroscope, I mean they say this in veiled ways but rarely outright. Terms like “Rigidity in Space” & “Torque free movement” are referred to and, of course we were all taught that ‘gravity’ exerts a torque.

When they refer to gravity with regards the gyroscope, they are describing the laws of density and buoyancy, which they insist on calling gravity.

They will include little g and big G in there equations, then cancel them out in the footnotes.

When in reality the real equations don’t include gravity at all

This removal of gravity is the reason why a gyroscope is perfect to demonstrate the stationary plane, being as the go-to answer to all heliocentric paradoxes is the ‘magick’ of gravity (RIP gravity)


Test it yourself, and let me know

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To see the riveting unedited RAW 6hrs of my gyroscope video, go here

or the much more palatable 3min summery here:

Watch my latest experiment proving the bearing in the gimbal setup on my gyroscope is more than capable of registering the supposed turn of the Earth

Watch Globebusters Analyse My Bearing Friction Test LIVE

Here’s is a great follow-up on Foucault’s Gyroscope experiment by Rob Durham, along with conclusive proof from an aviation gyrocompass that the Earth is not moving