‘There are more terrorists in Europe than we suspect’ – Westmonster

Masoud Aqil, a journalist who was taken prisoner by the Islamic State, has warned that there are a lot more terrorists in Europe than we’re being led to believe.


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The 24-year-old has written an explosive new book, entitled “In the middle of us” all about his time in captivity and his subsequent work tracking down terrorists who have fled to Europe.

He told Austrian magazine Krone: “I can assure you that more Islamic terrorists are in Europe than we know about. For someone like me who was in an ISIS p rison, it was always clear that in 2015 hundreds of dangerous radicals and terrorists were disguised as refugees in Europe. I have heard how these people are talking about how they threaten Europe.

“These people have not chosen Bulgaria, Croatia or Hungary, but rather, safe, safe countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden, England, France and now Spain,” he added.

“They can do most damage there. They just wait for an opportunity. Once they are there, they will use them.”

Aquil also makes shocking claims about countries like Turkey, saying it “has not opened the borders for humanitarian reasons at the time, but above all to trigger a crisis in Europe.”

He also claims that it would be easy for ISIS to be defeated if the appetite were there to do so, but he strongly believes that Middle Eastern countries benefit from the Islamic State: “The truth is, the Syrian regime is just as much behind ISIS as the government in Baghdad and Iran. All the dictators in the Middle East benefit from ISIS, even Qatar and also Saudi  Arabia. All these countries benefit, so Turkey has supported ISIS openly. During my detention, we saw hundreds Toyota Hilux pick- up  trucks, brand new! Where do they come from?”

Westmonster wonders if Aquil will be invited onto mainstream news shows to discuss the dangers he talks about? It’s time we took our head out of the sand and began listening to those who have seen the warnings first hand…