Mystery Woman Seen With Las Vegas Shooter Identified

Police have confirmed that a woman seen with the Las Vegas shooter days before his attack has been identified.

For the past few days, police have been searching for a woman seen with Stephen Paddock just days before the Las Vegas shooting.

The woman Paddock was seen with was not his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who was not in the U.S. when the massacre occurred.

The FBI has also gotten involved, questioning local prostitutes, as the girl was believed to be a call girl. A note found in Paddock’s hotel room recorded several phone numbers.

The Sun reports:

Police have already said they are trying to trace a mystery woman who was seen with Stephen Paddock in the days before the atrocity.

And they believe she could hold key information that helps to shed light on a motive for the massacre – which left 59 festival-goers dead and more than 500 injured.

A note found in the room of Paddock contained details of phone numbers, the official added.

The 64-year-old regularly hired prostitutes on his visits to Vegas, a family friend yesterday confirmed.

According to The Sun, one such prostitute, who saw paddock some nine times between 2015 and 2016, told police Paddock would “rant about conspiracy theories” and described him as “obsessive” and “paranoid.”

Speculation that Paddock may have had an accomplice spread quickly after the attack. Police believe Paddock was alone in his hotel room, at least on the night of the shooting. However, he may still have had help in planning the attack.

The Sun continues:

Police are “very confident” he did not have an accomplice during the shooting – but have not ruled out that someone else could have been in the room beforehand.

US news channel NBC last night claimed police could not account for a second phone charger found in the room – a claim since debunked by cops.

A second theory suggests a key card was used to enter Paddock’s room when he was known to be outside the hotel – suggesting another person entered the room.

Police now say that they have identified the woman seen with Paddock days before the attack.

Officials told ABC News that the woman is a prostitute, though they haven’t released her identity. The sheer number of guns found in his hotel room, along with the fact that some ammo was bought under a different name, led to some doubt that Paddock acted alone.

Anyone who knew Paddock or was in contact with him have been questioned to try and shed light on the strange case.

The Blaze reports:

Police have identified the woman they say was with the Las Vegas shooter just days before last Sunday’s massacre, adding another twist to the profile of an already confusing criminal.

[…] According to KABC-TV, police have said the woman is a prostitute. Police did not release the woman’s identity.

Police say they are investigating hundreds of leads to fully understand who Paddock was and why he chose to massacre innocent people.

They also said this week that he and Danley were frequent travelers and made stops in the Middle East in recent years on cruises. It’s not clear if there is any connection between those trips and the fact that the Islamic State has taken responsibility for the crime. Police maintain their belief that the shooting was not an act of Islamic terrorism.

If the recently identified woman has any new details about Paddock’s personal motives, new details are sure to emerge shortly, but so far authorities have found little luck trying to uncover either a motive for the attack or how he was able to inflict so much destruction alone.