Suge Knight Dropped Another Bombshell, And This Time It’s About Dr. Dre | Suge Knight | Music | BET

Suge Knight may be preparing for the fight of his life in court, but he is now claiming that one of his former Death Row records cohorts has it out for him.

According to, Suge Knight claims that he met with a private investigator and a man named Dwayne Johnson who reportedly showed him proof that Dr. Dre hired him to assassinate Knight.

Knight was reportedly shown a $20k check written by Dr. Dre for Johnson with hopes that he’d kill Suge Knight on the night that he fatally wounded Terry Carter in a hit and run.

The Death Row exec claims Johnson was present on the night of the hit and run further proving his claims of self defense.

Despite his insistence, his claims of a murder-for-hire were ultimately shot down. A judge denied Knight’s motion to examine Dr. Dre’s financial records in an attempt to prove that he paid Johnson to kill.

Suge Knight’s murder trial is set to begin in January.

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