Fairfax Home Sales - The Washington Post

January 8, 2004

The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.


BLOOMFIELD DR., 5612, No. 202-Kon Kyu Pak to Peter T. Pham, $171,000.

CRESTWOOD DR., 6224-Hwa J. Kim to My L. Tran and Dinh T. Hang, $445,000.

DAWES AVE., 5700-Nhung H.T. and Terry J. Barker to John J. Clark, $344,000.

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5653-Janko P. and Sandra A. Bertsch to Richard A. Newman, $222,500.

SEMINARY RD., 5501-Joseph W. Blasko to Michelle M. Hudson, $156,500.

SUMMER LEAF LANE, 5432-John C. Ulrich to Thomas and Eriko Crowell, $373,500.


DUFFIELD LANE, 1905-Richard A. Alderson to Allen D. and Tamyra T. Todd, $419,000.

STANFORD DR., 7020-Alexander V. and Katherine Kissal to William R. and Heather H. Kendrick, $210,000.

10TH ST., 6502-Sarah A. Balas to Heather A. and Jeffrey Orenstein, $250,000.


ADMIRALTY CT., 5320-Walter T. and Mi O.R. Ham to Brian L. Degrano, $215,000.

ASHBY LANE, 7505-Hossein Habib to Kari A. Stadler, $175,000.

BELLEAU WOODS LANE, 5601-Edward J. Cubanski III and Shirley M. Cagle to Alex P. and Veronica C. Grahammer, $330,500.

BROADMOOR ST., 5701-Barbara and Gerald E. Elphick and Elphick Trust to David E. and Jessica E. Retherford, $375,000.

COLLINS MEADE WAY, 7434-Andrea A. and Howard C. Thompson to Erik M. and Amanda C. Ringelberg, $355,000.

CRESTLEIGH CIR., 7303-Harry D. and Joyce B. Barnett to Dwuan D. and Audrey W. June, $266,000.

ELLESMERE CT., 6000, No. 15A-Orlando and P.P. Melendez to Jessica Ring, $170,000.

ERICKA AVE., 6805-Eleazar Martinez to Dhruv and Garima Jain, $290,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6072, No. B-Richard W. Poe to Miranda D. Smith, $230,000.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7702, No. 2001-Barbara L. Davis to Sue E. Braden, $247,000.

HIGH VALLEY LANE, 6637-Daniel G. and Stacie T. Kotter to Jessica C. and Jefferson K.A. Pierce, $238,000.

HOUNDSBURY CT., 7410-Kathleen Rogers to Paul E. and Srisucha B. McCabe, $245,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6574-Karen L. Kessenich to Suzanne M. Newton and Seth Jones, $338,000.

LANGLEIGH WAY, 6506-Matthew T. and Cari M. Tedesco to Che V. Russell, $273,551.

LUTON PL., 7622-Judith M. Ivey to Melanie R. Watson, $367,500.

MARKHAM GRANT LANE, 7723-Bernardo C. and Monteza Celeste to Edwin H. and In K. Oshiba, $305,000.

MCKENNA WAY, 6575-David R. and Audra J. Parker to Barbara G. and William J. Kilberg, $440,000.

MERSEY OAKS WAY, 6000, No. 1E-Christopher Royal to Keith J. Filipp, $230,000.

MORNING GLEN LANE, 7805-Alfred E. Wassel to Richard E. Habina Jr. and Katherine Magruder, $360,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6603, No. 1702-Peter F. Martin to Dennis J. Perez, $255,000.

OLD CARRIAGE DR., 6525-Edward W. Lyle to Peter R. Kelly and Lauren M. Young, $208,000.

OLD CARRIAGE DR., 6575-Jacque M. Graham to Mohammed A. Eltom, $208,500.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5765-Paul G. McKenna to George L. and Tanya M. Tanner, $295,500.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 6005-Dorilda M. and Raymond A. Roberge to Clarence A. March, $282,000.

SAPPHIRE CT., 3403-Stella L. and Edward F. Michals to Homero A. and Leticia M. Escobar, $350,000.

SILO RD., 4903-Leigh B. and Jimmie C. Jackson to Michael S. and Lisa Y. Stevenson, $562,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8052-Mary Zaragoza to Joseph P. Bowser, $290,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8078-Teresa C. and James P. Zemotel to F. Scott Mallan and Ernest B. Easter, $282,500.

TALAVERA CT., 6087-Barbara A. McCarron to Carol L. Gage, $310,000.

THORPE TER., 6609-Paragon Decision Resources Inc. to Manyhalishal Hailegiorgis and Solomon Edossa, $435,000.

VIRGINIA HILL AVE., 6535-Brian G. and Amy L. McCurdy to Robert D. Kesterson, $255,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5980-Kathleen K. and Theodore J. Fink to Shawn P. and Kathleen A. Conlon, $356,000.

WESTCHESTER ST., 5825-Matthew A. and Theresa L. Poe to Sarah Kelly, $425,000.

YADKIN CT., 6510-Michael and Patricia Hiestand to Benjamin and Branka Bowman, $247,250.


AIRLIE WAY, 4462-Richard Weiss to Brenda L. Brooks, $300,000.

CHAMPIONSHIP DR., 4074-Robert and Teresa D. Gay to Paul M. and Cecelia M. Downs, $310,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7741, No. 104-Lam D. to Doris Yi, $91,000.

ELAN CT., 4433-Kenneth R. and Maria L. Farris to Cindy Zelenko, $265,900.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4345, No. 16-Francis and Philomena Boateng to Ok H. Lee, $180,000.

KILLEBREW DR., 7706-Billy R. and Leathia M. Lanier to Michelle Lanier, $279,500.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 8112-Gustavo M. and Jeanne M. Reinaldo to Jose R. Rodriguez, $250,000.

MANGALORE DR., 4116, No. 203-Nadeem A. and Tahira N. Khan to Sultan B. Malik, $140,000.

NEWPORT GLEN PASS, 7860-Jennifer L. and Michael T. Jones to Allan and Angela Rowley, $300,000.

OLIVER AVE., 3820-David W. and Pamela R. Murk to Gregory J. and Marie C. Brill, $420,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD., 8611-Hae S. and Kyu H. Lee to Miriam Avena and Luiz H. Almeida, $400,000.

REEDY DR., 3434-Wayne E. and Vera Thomson and Thomson Family Revocable Trust to Paul I. Miller, $535,000.

TOBIN RD., 8300, No. 11-Norman E. Rajput to Bichha T. Ngo, $169,000.

WEBSTER CT., 4205-Louis M. and Rebecca L. Goffredi to Brian W. and Laurie G. Lindberg, $425,000.

WHISPERING LANE, 4107-Elden P. and Margaret J. Nootenboom to James W. and Sharon K. Given, $456,000.

WILLET DR., 4520-Douglas A. and Margo Lipka to Jin Ye and Yiling Yang, $419,500.

WOODBURN RD., 3368-Jonathan M. and Jennifer S.H. Morstein to Samuel Kanazeh, $145,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3310-Lawrence L. Rosen to In S. and Sung W. Yi, $179,000.


LEESBURG PIKE, 6133, No. 306-Eberto A. Gudiel to Shane Blanchard, $95,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6135, No. 201-Geovana M. Cavarrubias to Judith M. Carlson, $141,900.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 1116-Guerino J. Calemine III to Zi Zhen N. Driver, $148,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 621-Citicapital Relocation Inc. and Prudential Relocation Inc. to Sean P. and Kristie A. Mahoney, $224,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 909-Holly S. Perkins to Dilia Roman, $169,900.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701, No. 1010N-Sana U. Choudhry to P. Elise Bell, $141,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3709, No. 403E-Kathleen W. Bailey to M. Christopher Brown II, $200,000.

STEPPES CT., 3897, No. B-Catherine C. and David K. Zusi to Brian M. Vladyka, $239,000.


ASHBOURN DR., 9605-Willa M. and Winifred D. Wise to Vincent T. and Sharron L. Ries, $390,000.

BROKEN OAK PL., 9174, No. 67A-Bernard G. Schuster to Leonilla I. Baez, $145,000.

BUFFIE CT., 6311-Janice C. and Larry W. Gould to Shi Zhang and Jijian Li, $275,000.

BURKE POND CT., 9869-David J. and Christine L. Scarchilli to Leigh A. and Otis K. Adusei, $275,000.

BURNSIDE LAND DR., 6021-Cecil A. and Joan D. Turner to Jonathan A. and Brooke O. Fredrick, $450,000.

BURNSIDE LAND DR., 6059-Gus N. and Julie C. Orologas to Kevin M. and Pamela K. Rozelsky, $424,000.

BURNSIDE LAND DR., 6073-Gina J. and David R. Rue to Stephen M. and Mayra G. Wilkins, $425,400.

CALICO POOL LANE, 6121-Colette and Tommy S. Walsh to Patricia Gilbert and Marco Sosa, $259,900.

CAPON HILL PL., 5213-Ralph Frank and Susan Gundersen to Clark L. and Joan E. Barker, $460,000.

DORY LANDING CT., 6101-Carol A. and Michael F. Kuhn to Susan B. and Greg C. Wilson, $368,000.

DRACO ST., 6215-Behzad Assadzadeh to Stylianos Moschou and Efthymia Rapti, $299,999.

GOSHEN LANE, 9410-Stephen P. Kuchar to Araminta M. Garcia, $269,000.

HERITAGE SQUARE DR., 5934-Bruce O. and Melissa Ferratt to Christine Coleman and Blanche A. Jones, $260,000.

HIGH WATER CT., 9875-Elizabeth F. and Roman W. Kaluta to Yan Zhao, $282,700.

IRONMASTER DR., 9715-Terrence L. Shaw to Michael G. and Sandra C. Kinsey, $386,000.

KARA PL., 5856-Bo H. and Bum B. Kim to Jorge Kuscevic, $257,500.

KENDRICK LANE, 5528-Richard E. and Teresa J. Kramer to Rachel C. and James S. Butyter, $193,000.

LINCOLNWOOD DR., 9605-Steven S. and Victoria F. Bowen to Robert S. and Joan E. Dinges, $415,000.

MANTLE RD., 6116-Hansu and Michong Kim to Melanie F. Richardson, $327,450.

MANTLEPIECE CT., 6107-Maryann S. and Richard C. Hanratty to Cathy L. and Robert H. Turner, $440,000.

PEREGRINE DR., 5924-Geraldine B. and Mark G. Harper to Trang X. Lam and Ha Dat, $315,000.

QUINTANA CT., 5900-Mervin G. and Susan F. Davis to Jennifer and Timothy Tisler, $399,900.

RETRIEVER RD., 9504-George L. and Patricia E. McCumber to Geraldine B. and Mark G. Harper, $459,000.

SUTHERLAND CT., 5600-Richard M. Bollich to Parviz and Shirin Inanloo, $263,000.

TEAKWOOD CT., 6323-Akhtar Baig to Maria I. Mejia, $241,500.

WHIPPANY WAY, 6416-Waheed Siddiqi to Shershah Surmaty, $169,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CIR., 12289-Patricia A. Cardosi to Andrew S. Stanley and Skye K. Breeden, $274,900.

FIRST LANDING WAY, 5897, No. 170-George H. Saab to Cesar S. Buenaventura, $205,000.


BARNSLEY PL., 13915-Sarath Katta and Madan Kondayyagari to Kim Nguyen and Long N. Pham, $274,900.

BECKFORD WAY, 15506-Michael A. and Susan A. Goldenzweig to Robert B. Hall Jr. and Mary O'Quinn, $710,000.

BEDDINGFIELD WAY, 14206-Jon S. Rucker Jr. to Mala Manwani, $282,500.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13988-Damon M. and Jennifer L. Hudson to Jeffrey Frame, $219,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14491-Thomas Santry to Theresa M. and Larry J. Horinko, $175,000.

BRIDLINGTON CT., 13820-Wen F. and Huang A.R. Wang to Christina Y. Wei, $220,000.

CASTLE HARBOR WAY, 5131-Candia P. and Roger Campbell to Srikanthimathi Balakrishna and Shyam R. Harohalli, $240,000.

CRANOKE ST., 14820-Timothy A. and Kathleen C. Adams to James R. and Christine J. Caton, $330,000.

CREEK RUN DR., 6585-Charles C. and P. Thomas to Melissa G. and Michael A. Nester, $324,900.

CREEKSTONE LANE, 6018-Susanna Shoeibi to Christine J. and Peter R. Danforth, $207,500.

CRYSTALFORD LANE, 5401-Judy S. Quackenbush to Loan and Liem Thai, $280,000.

DARRINGTON WAY, 5304-Cynthia E. and Steven R. Dolan to Laura M. and Regan S. Mahoney, $408,000.

FIELD FLOWER TRAIL, 6344-Stephen B. Wood to Johanna B. Stafford, $276,000.

FOREST POND CT., 13615-Alison M. Cooley to Mandana Hannani and Mehdi Sarbaz, $195,000.

FROSTY WINTER CT., 6201-Ju Y. and Hyung T. Kim to Mohammad A. Mesbahi, $320,000.

GATWICK SQ., 14756-Sanchez Diaz Romelio to Juan C. Ruiz, $213,650.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14282-Robert J. Prince to Ramin Qassim and Sonia Jassor, $285,000.

GREYMONT DR., 15036-Dean A. and Tanya M. Burrell to Brian S. Hunt, $389,900.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 6004-Diane Walsh to Angelo Soares III, $181,000.

HAVERSACK RD., 6510-Herbert C. Wilson Jr. to Vickie L. Hampel and Charles P. Hough, $285,000.

HIDDEN CANYON RD., 6220-Lillian and Gilbert Carey to Hayati Fallah Simin, $345,000.

JAMES HARRIS WAY, 6342-Doris J. and Robert L. Boucher to Baljeet Singh, $265,000.

LITTLE ROCKY CT., 14313-Debra M. Altizer to Nghia H. and Qui M. Truong, $180,000.

MARSHALL CROW RD., 5010-Wei Xia and Xiachong Tian to Rizwan and Huma Akhtar, $561,000.

PITTMAN CT., 14530-Alla G. and G.A. Grinberg to Yu S. Do and Areum Kang, $290,000.

PONDERLAY DR., 15009-Amy L.C. and Christian A. Dux to Teri L. Harris, $265,000.

RABBIT HILL CT., 6009-Bhavana Reddy to Anderson S. Williams, $192,900.

RIDGE WATER CT., 6892-Joseph F. Nelson to Jean H. Shim, $305,000.

ROCKTON CT., 6017-Scott J. and Andrea L. Schiffman to Christopher E. and Jennifer L. Guarraia, $250,000.

ROWENA DR., 5630-Ronald J. Bowers to Christian A. and Amy L. Dux, $308,600.

SECRET HOLLOW LANE, 6213-John J. Paterno II and Beverly A. Samuelson to Thomas and Lisa Keller, $538,500.

SHELBURNE ST., 13702-Chinh V. and Thuy T. Dao to Quynh N. Ngo and Ky M. Tran, $482,500.

STREAM POND DR., 14608-Deborah L. Dezern to Juliann Kim, $280,000.

WATERFLOW PL., 13923-Elizabeth A. and Richard A. Damico to Julie E. Galloway and Andrew Walter, $225,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14310-Jeremy S. Cotton to Susan L. Pohl, $218,000.

WEALDSTONE CT., 6015-Man K. Choe to Angel Garcia and Noemy Sanchez, $189,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14031-Robyn G. and William E. Teal to Dong K. and Sung H. Kim, $278,350.

WOODGATE MANOR PL., 14552-Joseph J. and Cynthia A. Recca to Hyai Y. Kim, $325,000.


AMKIN DR., 11728-Louise A. Peterson to Mary P. and Robert J. Wilson, $665,000.

CUB DEN CT., 8201-Dorothy, Norman H. and Virginia H. Hieronymi to David W. and Karen A. Gentry, $400,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13631-Sandra K. and Brian D. Hazelwood to Terri L. Newman, $170,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5831-Jamie L. Simpson and Philip N. Stoneman to Jennifer L. Walling, $178,500.

REDLAC DR., 7014-J.H. Binford and Pamela J. Peay to Cynthia A. and Dennis L. Patrick, $805,000.

ROCKLAND DR., 6638-Robert R. and Karen T. Gales and Gales Family Trust to Doug and Ruth E. Boate, $610,000.

SHALESTONE CT., 6635-Cathleen C. and Gary C. Gough to Dean A. and Tanya M. Burrell, $550,000.


ANNHURST ST., 9204-Edward G. Ferris and Kathryn G. Keiser to Kit W. Cheung and Yung A. Lin, $310,000.

AUTUMN WOODS WAY, 13085, No. 101-Joo H. Chung to Anthony L. Scott, $198,500.

BARRICK ST., 9111-Esmail Javid to Parviz Jahandideh, $290,000.

BLUE FOX LANE, 13199-Han X. and Trang Nguyen to Paul T. Nguyen and Helen H. Tran, $400,000.

BRAXTON WOOD CT., 3045-Barry S. and Sharon M. Lewis to Jennifer and Miles G. Weiss, $305,000.

BRIAR PATCH LANE, 4714-Eleanor J. and Richard C. Knott to Robin J. and Clyde C. Porter, $399,000.

BRITWELL PL., 4072-Carlos A. Perez to Hamid Sarani and Zahra J. Okhravi, $325,000.

CHESTERMILL DR., 5530-Jacob R. Stern and Karin A. Hensley to Dixon L. and Teresa A. Duffett, $625,000.

COMMONWEALTH BLVD., 9623-Ernesto Cadima to Gregory M. and Carole B. Sox, $350,388.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2911, No. 317-Ralph H. and Ruth H. Lusher to Carolyn J. Kelliher, $319,000.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2911, No. 418-Mary M. Schmidt to Jinhee Kim, $275,000.

DEQUINCEY DR., 5080-David A. and Kate J. McKay to Christopher P. and Carrie K. Watkins, $355,000.

DOGWOOD HILLS LANE, 12823-Christopher R. and Merrie H. Corbett to Omar and Adria Franco, $439,900.

EDENDERRY DR., 11328-Linda M. and William J. Parks to Jacquelyn T. and Paul C. O'Brien, $505,000.

ELLINGTON CT., 5209-Andrew S. and Haekyung Kim to Kristen Heyniger and Henry T. Howell, $370,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12110, No. 301-Erika Puskas to Mark D. and Courtney F. Sommer, $236,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12107, No. 323-Christine and Carl Christensen to Tomas A.V. Nostrand, $231,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12113, No. 302-Richard F. Robinson to Paul H. Cho and Soo H. Kim, $200,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12105, No. 102-Wilber P. and You S. Lund to Susan Lund, $200,000.

GREGG CT., 4028-Steven E. and Lori P. Allison to Michael R. and Karen P. Stevens, $320,000.

GUNPOWDER RD., 5230-Colby C. and Nicole B. Leonard to Gerald B. Lee and Edna R. Vincent, $750,000.

HAYES CT., 12471, No. 202-Nancy P. Hanner to James A. Cain, $228,000.

HEAD CT., 5050-Khema S. and Virakat Nget to Saadat Jamil and Naheed Saadat, $243,000.

HEAD CT., 5051-Chang Hong Qu to Dung and Chi La Bui, $235,000.

HELM CT., 5430-Bruce F. and Julia L. Rogers to Ann F. Miller, $260,000.

HERMITAGE DR., 9423-Harvey F. and Rene G. Knowles to Ruben O. Lujan and Kimberly L. English, $365,000.

HERZELL WOODS CT., 5223-Halbert F. and Kathi A. Stevens to Douglas P. and Lisa P. Thomas, $457,000.

HILL CUMORAH DR., 10800-Mary M. and Michael G. Ferri to Michael Nasworthy and Amani Hussein, $435,000.

HUNTWOOD MANOR DR., 5037-John H. Muller Inc. to James M. and Elizabeth Cooper, $1.476 million.

INVERNESS RD., 3779-Victor Pabon and Deirdre V. Mercado to Kimberly A. Barber, $348,000.

JAMES BERGEN WAY, 12604-David F. and Penny M. Lurie to William J. Radosevich, $294,900.

KATHRYN JEAN CT., 3930-David A. and Amiastri W. Vallo to Nashaat Mikhail and Safinaz S. Thomas, $335,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9711-Anthony T. King to Tony Keung, $170,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9741-Cha C. Bradberry to Ae K. Kim, $170,000.

LEEHIGH DR., 11531-Keystone Corp. to Farhad and Shokat A. Inanloo, $648,359.

LUXBERRY DR., 4644-David D. Hanig to Anthony J. Regalbuto, $350,000.

MALLORY HILL LANE, 4312-Amanda L. Gossett to Adey Abate, $290,000.

MAZEWOOD LANE, 3723-Mark R. and

Laura B. Fostek to Edward W. McKulsky, $265,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4112, No. K-Jill C. Perkins to Helen Oh, $245,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4124, No. L-Nancy M. Duwe to Conrad W. McGovern, $207,000.

NUTTALL RD., 4412-Janice I. and Paul S. Albright to Patricia L. Nilo, $695,000.

PEARL ST., 10408-Victor F. and Shauna W. Reston to Catherine L. and Matthew E. Brudvig, $339,900.

PENNER LANE, 4211-Beverly J. and Douglas L. Miller to Don R. and Karen J. Staggs, $320,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 12825-Peter Istvan to Rachel M. and Prescott R. Noone, $315,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13223-Richard T. Probst to Dolores E. and Kenneth G. Lennon, $303,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 3214-Mark K. Wenk, trustee, and Hugh A. Richeson Jr., trustee, to Peter P. Strzok II and Melissa R. Hodgman, $520,000.

ROSEMOOR LANE, 2939-Eagan Family Trust to Cale Horak Robin, $500,000.

RUBY DR., 5438-Joseph and Nonna U. Osvath to Pamela J. Davidson, $249,999.

SIDEBURN RD., 4868-John A. Elliot to Frederick T. and Elizabeth I. Elliot, $300,000.

STONINGTON DR., 5224-Judith A. and Kevin L. White to Gay B. Thompson, $358,000.

STRONG CT., 12331-Harriet G. Hamilton to Stephanie T. Girardot, $190,900.

TALKING ROCK DR., 3023-Andrea J. and Raymond T. Legros to Drew L. Marvin and Katherine E. Carothers, $278,030.

TUCKAWAY DR., 13307-Pamela J. and William K. Lakoff to Steven W. and Kerry K. Thomas, $435,000.

WHITFIELD CT., 5510-Yong S. Kim to Avinash and Swati Patwardhan, $255,000.


CROSS OAKS LANE, 8619-Ellarine P. and James Alston to Donald L. and Gayle S. Peterson, $659,900.

FAIRFAX HUNT RD., 12219-Freda D. and Joe D. Hyatt to David P. and Audra Parker, $535,000.

FAIRVIEW WOOD DR., 5932-Elise D. Steinfeld to Chris A. and Franklin R. Liss, $799,000.

HENDERSON RD., 10850-Cherie M. and Robert A. Leporatti to David and Erin Grant and Nathan McKenzie, $565,000.

OLD STONE FENCE RD., 6803-Myung H. and Youn K. Kim to Azeb Telahun and Tewodros Eyob, $692,500.


ANCHORWAY CT., 3151, No. C-Beth A. Otto to Mary E. Kopczynski, $236,000.

CHESTNUT AVE., 6911-Catherine M. and James W. Muskett to Jennifer E. Ferry, $360,000.

CHRISLAND COVE, 7535-Joel B. McNair and Joy L. Spiro to Sylvia and James Hooper, $419,500.

FISHER AVE., 6634-Frank G. and Victoria Shakreli to John M. and Palge B. Gartner, $443,000.

HICKORY HILL RD., 7018-Ahmad Hamed to Fuad A. Hadi, $332,000.

LEE HWY., 7344, No. 204-Richard G. Sheridan to David W. Yeakel Sr., $87,000.

ROUNDTREE RD., 7000-Joan C. and Richard H. Rener to Maureen Findorff, $379,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7801-Ruth R. Casey to John A. Roberts Jr., $180,000.


HAYCOCK RD., 7021, No. 810-Nancy J. Leon to Brandy H. and Kayvon Meehan, $371,000.

HOGAN CT., 2850-Idrees O. and Mohamad O. Malkawi to Kalsang Wangmo and Lobsang Yeshi, $294,500.

LEE LANDING CT., 2805-Cesar A. and Yesica N. Majano to S. Gupta and Ravindra K. Mittal, $225,000.

MARSHALL HEIGHTS CT., 7740-Kishore Putta to Naveen Senapathi, $349,000.

MONTIVIDEO SQ., 6819-Patricia A. and James F. Sexton to Gregory T. Albers and Katharine L. McDowell, $332,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2311, No. 316-Rakan Saraiji and Lina Zein to Hooma Reza, $185,500.

PINECASTLE RD., 7337-A. Martin and Barbara S. Hanke to Carolyn S. and John W. Weimer, $500,000.

STORM DR., 2017-Evelyn W. and Calvin R. Ramsburg to Cecilia C. and Julio C. Gonzalez, $269,000.


ASHWOOD DR., 8314-Linda E. Alcorn to Jeffrey and Amanda Wallingford, $451,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 7910-Robert P. Glass to Carlos M. Lopez, $255,000.

FIRCREST PL., 8805-Barbara J. Wilson to Philip and Kelley E. Perconti, $585,000.

LAKESHIRE DR., 2327-Barbara C. and Ronald L. Whitehead to Jeffrey A. and Mary B. Lowe, $819,000.

MERCEDES CT., 8711-Eleanor E. and Richard J. Bergholz to Susan Cummins, $390,000.

TRENTON DR., 1608-Frank A. and Alicia A. Kyle to Mary M. McGrath and David J. Scott, $420,000.


CAMPBELL DR., 3222-Carmen Suquinahua and Cynthia Medrano to Jose A. Santos and Yecenia Coreas, $250,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2225-Gustavo E. and Irma L. Cosme to Salvador E. Montoya, Amparo D. Virgil and Edgar A.J. Guzman, $202,750.


AUDUBON AVE., 7981, No. 202-Minh Vu Hoang to Mohammed F. Miah, $90,000.

CARTER FARM CT., 2775-Carol I. Turner to Emma J. Harrington, $276,000.

COVENTRY RD., 7024-Jefre and Cora Tschudi to Andrea L. Dobranski, $345,000.

DEER RUN CT., 4746-Masato Asanuma to Alan M. and Karen L. Rotach, $395,000.

EVENING LANE, 7808-Debbie H. and Robert A. Boderman to James McGuinness and Triscia Doxey, $522,500.

HERITAGE SPRING CT., 3007-Martha Daniel to Alejandra Vaca, $252,000.

MIDDAY LANE, 7851-Susan L. Winston to Lisa M. and Robert A. McFadden, $510,000.

SHERWOOD HALL LANE, 2712-John D. and Marilynn M. Kelley to Scott M. Hambrick and John A. Leflore, $255,000.

STOVER DR., 7216-Nikole L. Wilson to Muriel E. Anderson, $229,000.


ASPENPARK CT., 9124-Pamela R., Robert B. and Christopher R. Wallace to Kyung D. and Yong B. Min, $235,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7552-Pushma R. Samtani to Jaya R. Roka, $225,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7569-Laura T. and Robert A. Ragans to Raquel Lopez, $225,000.

BATES RD., 8205-Debra K. Cooke to Freddie L. and Margie Oliver, $299,900.

BATES RD., 8210-Charlene F. and Jeffrey L. Blaha to Kenneth W. Scott, $285,000.

BLUE BIRD WOODS CT., 8506-Jack G. and Deborah Damon to Michelle L. Robertson and Michael G. Cummins, $280,500.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8322, No. 18-Myron R. Bohmer to Bryan D. Green, $209,400.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7623-David A. Lewis to Thomas M. and Synthia Leninger, $360,000.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7643-Alfred and Janet Boyd to Alta L. and Peter H. Schmidt, $358,000.

GUNSTON WOODS PL., 7918-Angeles V., Eugenio B. and Maria Candelaria to Kebede B. Gemeda and Woinshet Zerfu, $261,000.

JAMESON ST., 8927-Chong S. and Tommy D. Weldon to Linda J. and Stephen P. Williams, $597,000.

KOLUDER CT., 8511-Gary S. Heard to Ronaldo R. Pita, $197,500.

LARNE LANE, 7428-Carmen A. and Frankie G. Gonzalez to Jaime and Blanca I. Robles, $224,900.

LORFAX DR., 8627-Jason P.K. and Robin Renager to Raif S. and Lori A. Hastings, $529,890.

SALUDA CT., 9535-Robert C. Sholar to Florence A. Miles, $180,000.

SANDERLING WAY, 8315-Tanya D. Boyd and Marvin Beasley to Kil J. Kong, $211,000.

WOLFORD WAY, 7704-Linda O'Shay to Daniel and Maria F. Guerrero, $220,000.


BUENA VISTA AVE., 1458-Shahab and Kathie A. Dadjou to Peter R. Kongstvedt, $1 million.

BYRNWOOD CT., 8011-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to Frederick J. and Joan T. Tansill, $1.4 million.

CARPER ST., 1108-Catherine E. and Steven E. Cameron to Chang H. and Hyery Park, $510,000.

CARRIAGE HILL DR., 7444-Leonard Smith Jr. to Raymond D. and Patricia F. Grundeman, $674,950.

CENTRILLION DR., 903-Basheer Edgemoore Reserve Corp. to Michael F. Pusateri, $1.69 million.

CHADSWORTH CT., 1208-Cristina R. and Florentino M. Gregorio to Nasser and Negar Danesh, $925,000.

COLLEEN LANE, 1449-Genrose Copley to Jack F. and Connie P. Neigel, $550,000.

CREST LANE, 1209-Marjorie H. and Philip A. Odeen to Catto Crest Corp., $1.625 million.

DEMPSEY ST., 1635-Kevin J. Fischer and Frances A. Mooney to Mark N. and Michelle L. Sandler, $705,000.

DEWBERRY CT., 1440-Thomas S. and Wendy C. McGraw to Zhong and Jingjing Li, $448,000.

DUNTERRY PL., 1559-Michael and Andrea Delvecchio to Guy Brugere, $498,000.

ELDORADO ST., 7408-James N. Glerum to Ann L. Miller and Raymond Smith, $399,900.

ELIZABETH DR., 7027-Rita J. and Francis W. Keene to Hansborough Corp., $500,000.

ELNIDO DR., 6534-Drema L. and Jess A. Johnson to Dale T. and Kristin F. Peters, $775,000.

ENOLA ST., 7811, No. 210-Erik M. Kleiner to Donald G. Joy, $135,900.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 314-Arthur I. Porwick to Edward M. and Lola M. Peach, $350,500.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 526-James J. and Michiko Casey to William W. and Jean W. Miao, $357,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 826-Ryosaku and Tamami Kawakami and Nasi Farhoumand to Eugenia Ryabinky, $350,000.

INGLESIDE AVE., 1414-Richard P. and Lucy H. Holmes to Timothy I. McDonough and Cary S. Melnyk, $782,750.

KENSINGTON RD., 1215-Laxmi N. Berwa to Mikyeong and Chaibong E. Hahm, $575,000.

KIRBY RD., 1465-Joseph G. and Toshiko Tompkins to Kirby Road Corp., $3.3 million.

KYLEAKIN CT., 6954-Stephen P. and Teresa Rosenfeld to Daniel T. Dunn Corp., $939,000.

LINWAY PARK DR., 1626-Amanda H. and Reid Jackson to Anne McKinney and Michael Dillon, $730,000.

MAYHURST BLVD., 1419-Michele G. and Stephen W. Sobota and Ellen F. Ericsson to Charles P. and Shelly D. Dimeglio, $1.455 million.

PURDUE PL., 7105-Michael R. McAboy to Kent B. Hallberg and Evangeline M. Bouzis, $525,000.

RANLEIGH RD., 1317-Gianni and Patricia Brizzi to Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland, $950,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 2036-Kevin M. and Linda M. Dempsey to John and Tara Dunfee, $771,250.

SOLITAIRE WAY, 6103-David N. and Hope R. Powers to Ivica and Marijana C. Ducic, $1.158 million.

THRASHER RD., 7211-Bruce T. Johnson and Nancy E. Johnson to William R. and Heidi E. McCarty, $545,500.

TREMAYNE PL., 7600-Edward and Ernestina Vazquez to Michael R. McAboy, $236,000.

WESTMORELAND ST., 1560-Elizabeth M. and W. Stuart Darling to Andrew Biggers and Richard Gaylord III, $448,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1707-Robert G. Edwards to Christopher T. Laduke, $190,500.

WILSON LANE, 1904, No. T2-Amanda J. White to Joyce E. Currie and Natalie C. Hill, $221,000.

WINDROCK DR., 1185-Dilip P. and Alison K. Kamat to Loc D. Tran and Bichland T. Nguyen, $1.775 million.


ADRIENNE DR., 4312-Johannette C. and Stephen J. Mergens to Stephen J. Weyer, $527,000.

BUCKMAN RD., 4300, No. J-Jean D. Nadort to Billy K. Sekyi, $127,000.

CENTRAL PARK CIR., 7910-Ahmad W. and Daud M. Barakat and Asadullah Noori and Nazifa Noori to Edward and Jennifer Arquiza, $233,723.

CLAREMONT WOOD DR., 8206-Brian B. and Linda Quigley to Alexander W. Steele, $185,000.

DOGUE DR., 8909-Robert A. Germadnik to Taylor L. Reeves, $330,000.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3852-Israel Gonzalez, Sender A. Zepeda and Carlota L. Zepeda to Rosa and Joaquin Umana, $132,500.

JOUST LANE, 6138-Joe D. Henley to Effie and Evan Ypsilantis, $279,900.

MARIPOSA PL., 3896-Jose C. and Maria M. Pena to Ana M. and Yanira D.C. Dominguez, $142,000.

MOUNT ZEPHYR DR., 8414-Margaret E. and Otha E. Breeden to Anton J. and Rose D. Dupont, $382,900.

PEMBROOK VILLAGE DR., 4301, No. 8-Kenneth P. and Kerri L. Martinsen to Ijaz and Fauzia Qamar, $154,000.

POMEGRANATE CT., 4743-Eldon B. and Shirley A. Wilson to Stephen B. Hinton and Melanie E. Hinkle, $299,500.

SONORA PL., 3940-Rachel L. McBride to Linda Gaskin, $142,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8676-Binh and Jannet Truong to Quyen and Khiem Nguyen, $137,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8605, No. D-Carol J. Oakley to Sharon Pettis, $96,000.


BULLOCK LANE, 8117-Beverly A. Clement, Sharon C. Greenleaf and Jerry M. Clement to M. Bach, $280,000.

CLYDESDALE RD., 8715-Franklin C. and Nora E. Bustle to Cherie M. Leporatti, $320,000.

ELGAR ST., 7306-Evelyne P. and Monroe E. Williams to Christopher A. Adukaitis, $339,000.

FOOTE LANE, 7921-Jason B. and Anne M.D. Grim to Sun H. Kim and Soon O. Oh, $282,500.

GOSPORT LANE, 7912-Lenore J. and Robert A. Karch to Guery Cespedes, $332,100.

MOULTRIE RD., 5513-Thu H. Nguyen and Hung M. Tran to Hai T.Q. Tran, $279,000.

TRAFALGAR CT., 8816-John A. and Darlene R. Romano to Douglas S. and Donna K. Black, $339,500.


LATIGO LANE, 11923-Lovey L. and Thomas E. Hammel to Gary C. and Kimberly H. Stewart, $599,000.

LINDA MARIE DR., 2738-Carol A. and George A. Fulton to Kevin G. and Kristeen K. Rupy, $660,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10000-David J. and Karen M. Timer to Joshua Landsberger, $176,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10076-Richard J. Grimes to Mi K. Song, $225,000.

VALE RD., 12110-Michael and Mildred Herres to Bradford and Annette K. Hildabrand, $435,000.

WILLOW CREEK LANE, 10905-Charles P. and Linda W. Smith to Lovey L. and Thomas E. Hammel, $1.345 million.


CRESWELL DR., 3133-Charles Bliss to Gene K. Gomez, $379,000.

CRESWELL DR., 3141-David O. and Mary A. Bowden to Craig R. Schmall, $390,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3115, No. 521-MacKenzie M. Frady to Scarlett Magee, $144,000.

WATERWAY DR., 6326-Doris A. and George S. Southern to Charles A. and M.A. Rowcliffe, $475,000.

WATERWAY DR., 6370-Celia A. and Kirk A. Griffin to Marcia M. Grabowski and Richard J. Kercz, $550,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2916, No. 36-Amir Motlagh to John and Seung Baek, $85,000.


CRESTMONT CIR., 8236-Anne Kinyua to James Altobello, $176,000.

DAYSPRING CT., 8028-Virginia and Jose Carpano to Hyo Y. and Myung Cho, $219,000.

DEER RIDGE TRAIL, 6138-Judy Nour to George A. and Jane A. Banjo, $560,000.

DEMME PL., 6343-Sharon E. and Christopher J. Kubick to Linda Osuna, $324,500.

DINWIDDIE ST., 6109-Margit E. and George S. Royal to Kwang S. and Woo Y. Kim, $322,500.

FRANCONIA RD., 6466-Brenda S. Burns to Shobana G. Muthu, $204,160.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8008-Mark M. Ritter to Juana I. Lemus, $183,150.

GROVELAND DR., 8609-Mary L. and Robert D. Mansfield to Sharon L. Breighner, $361,000.

JOVIN CIR., 8347-Ying J. and Tsai F. Lee to Beverly A. Adams, $320,000.

MISTY BLUE CT., 8489-Shelley A. Richardson to Jose A. and Chris E. Ortiz, $327,000.

NEWINGTON WOOD DR., 7799-Loretta A. Desio and Raymond D. McDonald to Jung S. Im and Son Q. Che, $339,900.

NORTHERN OAKS CT., 7652-Mark and Sarah Pavlick to David and Fauzia Jones, $232,000.

PIONEER DR., 6110-Patricia S. Maloof to Zarin Khawaja, $250,000.

PIONEER DR., 6218-Walter I. Ettelman Jr., G. Amino and Barbara Lee, trustees, to Jose S. and Virginia Carpano, $265,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 7104-James B. and Billie C. Boyd to Wilson and Teodoro Espinal and Heydy Nunez, $289,900.

RESERVOIR RD., 7206-James V. and Kristen L. Day to Gary and Maribel Bangs, $339,000.

ROCKEFELLER LANE, 9225-Frederick J. and Sigrid C. Ozyp to Jeannette C. and Jack G. Williams, $420,000.

SLEEPY VIEW LANE, 8106-Bobby L. and Nishuta Royal to Galen and Cindy F. Pearce, $268,000.

TURLOCK RD., 7794-Frank B. and Landess M. Kelso to Anne E. and Mark E. Williams, $410,000.

WADEBROOK TER., 8705-John R. and Lisa Y.P. Wilkins to Marvin T. and Jennifer A. Ee, $328,000.

WHITSON CT., 8710-Kristen H. and Michael L. Collat to Joseph and Linda Lenertz, $345,000.


ABBEY OAK DR., 1721-Ana R. and Anibal Cabellos to Aleksey and Tatyana Miroff, $610,000.

APONI RD., 8534-Daniel S. and Molly A. Harris to Rahul A. and Tara S. Saha, $557,000.

BRANDYWINE DR., 8204-Hyung M. and Sang S. Yoo to Joe Nguyen and Lan Vu, $641,000.

CLAVES CT., 1405-Mary C. Terrill to Joseph P. O'Neill and Audrey R. Stillman, $620,000.

DREAMWEAVER CT., 1377-Taurus Enterprises Inc. to Mohammed H. and Ghada Naji, $1.15 million.

EAST ST. SE, 214-William C. Keene Jr. to Keric B.O. Chin and Amanda N. Ellis, $390,000.

ELMAR DR. SE, 118-Sufiam and Amal Muhtaseb to Yun H. Jung, $525,000.

FAIRFAX METRO LANE, 2904-David J. and Elitania Venturella to Carol A. McClure and Dennis R. McCoy, $370,000.

FLINT HILL RD., 2512-Barbara S. and Lester R. Harris to Thomas D. Donohue and Lijuan Bian, $250,000.

GEORGE ST. SW, 302-Irfan and Sonja P. Ozarslan to Jamie L. Simpson and Philip N. Stoneman IV, $325,000.

GINA PL., 8011-Michael J. and Cynthia L. McGivern to Aaron Yeow, $370,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2636-Martin J. and Elizabeth A. Claytor to Neil Walker and Marissa Mercadante, $197,000.

GRETNA PL., 2900-Ben S. and Julie C. Markham to Chih Hsiungh Tu and Gayle A. Roberts, $650,000.

HOLMES DR. NW, 349-Amy R. Robinson to Alert T. Newland Jr. and Nancy A. Heaney, $399,900.

PALACE GREEN WAY, 9870-Mary J. Letendre to Charles S. and Linda T. Ream, $875,000.

PARK ST. SE, 609-Elizabeth A. and Kevin D. Pledger to Darby M. O'Connor, $389,900.

PARK TERRACE CT., 210, No. 62-Marc Abbink to Kathlyn Nudi, $140,000.

SHOUSE DR., 9446-Nancy E. Stafford/Hardesty to Benno and Marian Ndulu, $600,000.

SNOWBERRY CT., 2711-Arnold J. and Nancy R. Linn to Gregory C. and Katharine F. Gurski, $570,000.

STRYKER AVE., 2406-Dennis L. and Dianne V. Bergin to Mary J. Letendre, $825,000.

TRUMPET CT., 1904-Nancy M. and Steven L. Smagin to James and Karen Wiseman, $595,000.

UPHAM PL. NW, 709-Woltz Revocable Trust and Ronald L. Woltz, trustee, and Elvera D. Woltz, trustee, to Sen Zhang and Fang Cai, $668,888.

VALERA CT., 2956-Deissy Tascon and Rafael Mican to Derrick Shelton and William Castillejo, $295,000.

WEST OAK PL., 8532-James A. and Nicola Delmonte to Dina M. and Jeffrey I. Rosenberg, $578,250.


ELM PL., 8013-Brian Petruska to James Rudolph, $625,000.


BARNACK DR., 6809-Gina M. Brown, Robert Averi, Mark A. Averi and John G. Averi to Mohammad E. Elahi, $300,000.

BAYSHIRE RD., 5905, No. B-Karen M. Whalen to Oriana Casadei, $154,900.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 7750-Laura J. and Kenneth White to Walter and Jane Gleich, $489,500.

GREELEY BLVD., 8531-David R. and Ila R. Marshall, William F. Marshall Jr. and William F. Marshall III to Michael D. and Maureen A. Maguera, $318,000.

HARROWGATE CIR., 7828, No. 123-Bryan C. Arntson to Gaylord Leonard and Sterling Trust Co., $137,000.

HARWOOD PL., 7715-Patricia D. Norman to Katherine V. and John P. Hamel, $344,900.

LAVELL CT., 6216-Kirk D. and Richelle L. Johnson to Steven H. and Elizabeth S. Bills, $373,100.

LEXTON PL., 7707, No. 44-Cheryl L. Hauser to Anthony N. and Robert J. Corea, $184,000.

MOVERLY CT., 8818-Karnail, Angrez and Jasvinder Singh to Jaspreet Kaur,


O'HARA COURT DR., 6460-Michele A. Sullivan to Muoi and Minh Ho, $255,000.

SHAUNDALE DR., 6360-Tung and Mai L.N. Hong to Won J. and Sun E. Lee, $255,000.

TIVERTON DR., 7736-Doris M. Rankine to Caryn Lee, $209,900.