VIDEO - Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Young Nelson Admits Hoaxing Infamous Yearbook Inscription - The Political Insider

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson threw her credibility in the toilet when she hired notorious sham attorney Gloria Allred, and now she’s flushed what remained of her reputation down to the sewer. According to Washington Post national political reporter Michael Scherer, Young admitted to adding the date and place to Moore’s alleged signature in her high school yearbook.

Here’s a photo of the inscription, which clearly includes Nelson’s addition of the date “12-22-77” and the location “Olde Hickory House.”

This is just astounding. Moore has denied up and down that the signature is his, and his attorney specifically stated that the “77” signed in the yearbook should be looked at by a handwriting expert. And now we know that Nelson was lying the entire time.

This does nothing to help her story, and, in turn, it undermines the stories of Moore’s other accusers.

If Nelson thought she was going to take down Moore with her accusation and her fraudulent signature, she wasn’t thinking straight.

If Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, thought he was going to have a chance at winning in a deep-red state, his hopes were just dashed.

This revelation puts everything in question now. Voters who were on the fence, and were inclined to believe the accusations against Moore, will now question if the former Alabama Supreme Court judge is a predator.

The uncertainty may be enough to put Moore over the edge, and make him the next senator from Alabama.

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