Leaked Pentagon Doc Stokes Fears Russia Building ‘Doomsday Torpedo’ « CBS Chicago

CBS Local — The Russian government is reportedly developing a city-killing torpedo, called Kanyon, that would allegedly leave a country’s coastline uninhabitable for decades. The terrifying news, which sounds more likely to come from a “James Bond” film, was actually leaked from the Pentagon’s report on nuclear weapons posturing.

The “doomsday torpedo” has been on the U.S. military’s radar for several years and was first revealed publicly by the Washington Free Beacon in 2015. Kanyon, an autonomous underwater vehicle carrying a lethal 100-megaton thermonuclear weapon, is reportedly being designed by the Russians to attack coastal areas, major cities, naval bases, and other sea ports.

The massive nuclear payload of Kanyon would equal the explosion of 100 million tons of TNT and is twice as powerful as the most powerful thermonuclear weapon ever tested, according to Popular Mechanics.

Perhaps even worse than the immediate devastation of a nuclear attack by this Russia robot sub, experts add that the radioactive fallout from such a powerful torpedo would leave the contaminated area off-limits to humans for the next 100 years. Russia’s alleged use of the radioactive isotope Cobalt-60 is to blame for the long recovery time.

Jeffrey Lewis, an expert on nuclear policy, called Kanyon’s development “absurd.” In an interview with Business Insider, Lewis added that Russia’s willingness to create such a torpedo was “deeply, deeply, deeply immoral” and the U.S. has not even considered copying Kanyon’s design.