VIDEO - The Missileers: Air Force has trained 247 women for nuclear launch - NBC News

Master Sgt. Tad Wagner looks over an inert Minuteman 3 missile in a training launch tube at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota on June 25, 2014. Charlie Riedel / AP file

"If they match, it means that it's an authentic order from the president," Dinkha said. "If for whatever reason those values don't match, then we won't take any actions on it."

If the code does match, each missileer turns her key, at the same time, to launch.

"There's no red phone like people like to imagine," Dinkha said. "In terms of key turning, you need to have two people, obviously, to do it — just to prevent someone going rogue and doing it on their own."

Should the day come, however, Dinkha says she and the other missileers of Minot are ready.

"If it's a valid message," she said, "we will absolutely key turn on it."