New German swimming pool will have a separated area for Muslim women

The new swimming pool in the German city of Bonn, will be equipped with a curtain to create a separate area for Muslim women.

Earlier the city already introduced gender-segregated swimming hours, during which only women were allowed. Especially Muslim women were given the opportunity to swim and bath unobserved by men.

But now the city has gone a step further with a completely separated basin with a huge curtain that blocks view. Some German media say the city and its swimming pool are now “Shariah ready”.

Local politician Werner Hümmrich (FDP) says: “We do not want to exclude a group from using the pool and therefore we meet certain social demands. The swimming pool will be specially designed so that gender-segregated swimming can be offered.” According to Hümmrich, that was a “political requirement”.

Head of the local CDU fraction Wolfgang Maiwaldt says: “Our new swimming pool should and will be a swimming pool for all.”

After Angela Merkel invited at least one million migrants to Germany several new problems at swimming pools emerged as well. Apart from Muslim women demanding separate swimming areas, male Muslim migrants sexually assaulted several German girls. Even special leaflets were handed out to teach them how to behave properly.