Microsoft Resumes Bitcoin Payments After Halt Over Uncertainty | Coinnewsline


Microsoft has once more began receiving bitcoin payments from its customers on their online store.

News coming from Bleeping Computer claims that the Tech giant temporarily suspended bitcoin transactions last week, with the company sources citing the “unstable” state of the coin caused mostly by its current high volatility and fees, the tech news source added.

An unnamed spokeswoman from Microsoft has now confirmed that bitcoin payments feature is now back online.

She affirmed by saying:

“We’ve revived bitcoin as a payment option in our store after meeting with our provider to ensure that lower bitcoin amounts can be redeemable by customers.”

Also, online gaming platform Steam withdrew its bitcoin payments feature in early December, quoting chronic problems with the bitcoin’s high transaction fees and volatile price.

Just a month ago, bitcoin’s price had soared to All-Time Highs of about $20,000. Prices have fluctuated since then following a general move downwards.

Microsoft first added bitcoin payment feature for digital products in 2014, enabling U.S. customers to use the digital currency to purchase apps, games, and videos from its Windows Phone and Xbox platforms.