VIDEO - Tinder: ‘Rookie’ mistake leads to epic dream girl search on campus

WHEN you’re perusing an endless procession of potential lovers on dating apps like Tinder, it can be easy to make a mistake.

Perhaps you accidentally swipe “like” on your cousin, or your work manager. Or maybe you inadvertently decline the object of your desire.

If so, it’s probably easiest to just forget about it and keep swiping — but that’s not what Hayden Moll did.

The student at America’s Missouri State University was hanging out on campus recently, plumbing the depths of the hook-up app when he accidentally swiped left on a fellow student named Claudia. The problem was he really liked the look of Claudia.

So in a rather desperate attempt to undo his mistake, he emailed everyone at the school (with 26,000 students) who shared her name.

“Hello all Claudia’s (sic) of Missouri State,” he wrote. “I made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swiped left on Claudia’s profile (left is bad) and I really wanted to swipe right.”

He went on to the describe the profile and ask her to simply respond to the email with “left” or “right” and maybe they could “get some donuts or something”.

It’s no doubt a pretty desperate move but fortune favours the bold, as they say, because it appears to have paid off.

The story has since gone viral after Claudia shared the email on Twitter, prompting a wide variety of reactions to the romantic gesture.

As some were quick to point out, Tinder offers a premium service for about $20 that would have allowed him to go back and swipe right, which would have been a little less desperate and a lot less public.

While Hayden and Claudia are clearly enjoying their newfound fame on Twitter, most users are eager to know what she replied to the email. But as yet, she hasn’t publicly revealed if she plans on getting that doughnut.