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In  the last episode, I paid thanks to those with whom I had great relationships in the area of podcasting. However, one key person who influenced me greatly was not mentioned. The reason was that this individual deserved an entire episode for me to thank him immensely.

This post is a tribute to Adam C. Curry, known better in the podosphere as the PODFATHER.

The last time that I saw Adam and spoke to him briefly was in person at the 2015 New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. But my last one-on-one  meeting in person (for 4 hours and lunch) with Adam Curry was in Austin on 5 February 2014. I had also chatted with him in several of his previous Meetups in Austin, as well as discussions with him and fellow podcaster, Todd Cochrane, in Austin.

Now, I would like to pay a tribute to Adam for his contributions to the podcast community and industry, as well as for the value that he has delivered to myself and many other podcasters after the publication of his show, NO AGENDA at, after its 1000th episode — a true milestone of longevity.

Adam has provided over 1000 episodes of his podcast show with his co-host, John C Dvorak. The thousandth episode was produced and published on 18 January 2018.

Besides having been one of the first honorees to be inducted in the Podcasters Hall of Fame at Podcast Movement in 2015, Adam has received international praise and recognition. On December 29, 2017, the Dutch broadcaster AvroTros announced that the 2017 ‘Marconi Oeuvre Award’ will be given to Adam Curry.

As you may be aware, Adam’s creativity is constantly working on new ideas with an enthusiasm that is positively catching.

Case in point: in 2014, Adam had discussed a topic about the upcoming events of the year 2030 and why that should be of concern to us, as well as its own importance. As a matter of fact, I had started a podcast show about the 2030 topic, and I had recorded in February of 2014 the first episode of that podcast show. However, the podcast show never did launch, as the enthusiastic idea was drowned in all the other events, occurrences and topics of 2014. 

However, the link below will take you to the interview with Adam Curry that was slated to be the first episode: (by the way, the 2030club link does not exist any longer, for it is an international site)

Interview with Adam Curry in 2014 about the planned 2030-Podcast show.

(the Interview was done on 5February2014, but the show did not launch)

For another interesting interview with Adam Curry, please refer to Todd Cochrane’s podcast episode dated 21 April 2017 from the show called Podcast Legends, with the title “Adam Curry – The Podfather” (they discuss Adam’s new product and details of its benefits).

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