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by Ruby Henley

I have come to a conclusion that Stephen Paddock was child sex trafficker most likely flying the children from the Philippines into the United States.  I believe that his business Paradise Ranch LLC was the headquarters in Nevada and Paradise Ranch in the Philippines was the sister headquarters in the Philippines.  I further suspect that he knew he was going to be arrested, as the FBI was watching his brother Bruce Paddock in North Hollywood, California.

In fact, Bruce Paddock was just arrested in North Hollywood, California.  If you can believe this, they arrested him at an assisted living center.  They took him out in a wheelchair, and he was found with 600 child porn images.  It is being said these images were some of the worst seen in child porn.

The details of the investigation that led to the arrest have yet to be made public, but a criminal complaint filed in Los Angeles County lists 20 potential counts and indicates the alleged crimes occurred in 2014.  According to sources within the LAPD, Bruce was “squealing like a pig” about his brother Stephen’s role in running a child trafficking ring.

Police have placed Paddock on lockdown with extremely limited access, on order from “higher-ups” at the State Department.  It sounds to me like both Paddocks may have been watched for a very long time, and they were wanted badly.  President Trump has been cracking down on pedophiles, and the Paddocks could very well have been a part of this.

Bruce Paddock told arresting officers that his brother ran a “child trafficking empire” that had very powerful connections, going “all the way to the top.” If this is so, and I think it is, this would be someone President Trump would want arrested.

According to the investigators who took Paddock into custody, he said he would hand over information in return for an immunity deal, saying:  “I’ll give you all the names and tell you everything you want to know, but I’m not saying another word ’till I see an immunity deal with Donald Trump’s signature on it.”

An attorney who represented Bruce Paddock in past criminal matters told NBC News that he is no longer representing him and declined comment. Court records show Bruce Paddock has previous convictions for vandalism, criminal threats, and theft, according to NBC News.

Bruce Paddock spoke with NBC News following the shooting, describing his own misdeeds as “minor.” He said he was questioned by FBI agents after the mass shooting, mostly about his brother’s childhood, NBC News reported.  The Paddocks led a very troubled life to put it mildly, and after looking below the surface you find a deeply sinister pattern of abuse.


Paddock stopped working in the 1980s after leaving the deep state defense contractor Morton-Thiokol,  and one must ask the question, “how did Steven Paddock make his millions?”  Professionals say there is no way the man could have made the vast amount of his fortune through gambling.  However, we do know he owned two planes and had a pilot’s license.  We know he made numerous trips to the Philippines, and we know his partner, Marilou Hanley, was from the Philippines.  

The below is a series of videos on Stephen Paddock and the child porn connection.  The author believes that Paddock had been under investigation by the FBI, and he in turn agreed to do the Las Vegas operation for them.  This is his opinion, as he has been investigating sex traffickers for a very long time.


Published on Oct 25, 2017

Today the FBI announced that Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s brother, Bruce, is under investigation for child porn.  Much of the discussion of the history of psychopaths and sociopaths is paraphrased from Dr. William Hirstein, as quoted in Psychology Today magazine:


This report is going to be rather jumbled, as I have found different facts I want to report.  Next, I found out why the receipt Laura Loomer found from the day of the shooting had Marilou Danley’s name on it.  For some reason Paddock used Marilou’s ID to check in that day….that is rather strange. QUOTE

On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop said US authorities had contacted Australian officials after the shooting to try to track down Ms Danley, as her name had been linked to the massacre after Paddock used her identification at a hotel check-in.

She said it was understood Ms Danley was in the Philippines.

Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Robespierre Bolivar previously expressed doubt that Ms Danley was in the Philippines, saying there was also “no official confirmation yet on her nationality, original or acquired”.

More conflicting rumours circulated on Tuesday, when Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Ms Danley was in Tokyo at the time of the shooting, and that she would be interviewed upon her return. END OF QUOTE


Another strange fact is the visit Paddock made to Phoenix, Arizona.  He flew, and then checked a rental car, but he did not fly back to Nevada, he drove.  Is there a reason he did not fly back?  Could he have had guns in his car?

There have been many ATF operations working out of Phoenix, Arizona.  They call them gunwalking operations.  On September 19, Stephen used his visa card to rent a car at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona.  The car was an intermediate sized car, and it took him 92 more hours than necessary to return to Vegas.  I will leave this for you to think about.

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Next we have learned some interesting facts from:

I believe the Paddock brothers were most likely abused in every way imaginable by their father.


Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, fathered Stephen, who was born in 1953. He also set up a fraud ring that he said passed $90,000 in bad checks. He was caught and sent back to prison.

When he was released in 1956, he moved with his wife and son to Tucson, Arizona. The couple had three more sons, and Benjamin Paddock operated a service station, a nightclub and a garbage disposal franchise. He bought a house and a car and got involved in the local hot rod and ham radio clubs.s had ever ended up back in court.

While Stephen Paddock was playing at the family’s white ranch house, his father was robbing banks with a snub-nosed revolver and getting away in the family station wagon. He said the ham radio equipment he kept in the car was ideal for a robber because he could listen in on the police.

Benjamin Paddock was caught in 1960. But the bank robbery charges, he insisted to the psychiatrist, were a case of mistaken identity. A criminal syndicate was forcing him to take the rap.

For years after Paddock was arrested, his sons were told he was dead. Later, they learned the truth, and some visited him, his son Eric Paddock said, but none seemed to form a close relationship. Eric Paddock cursed his father in an interview and said he was angry at him for being more interested in crime than his family.

When Paddock was home, he beat and tormented his sons..

Facing trial, Benjamin Paddock insisted that he was not crazy. He said he had “never been mental ill, ‘never even unconscious.’” As an aside, he explained that he could get a cushy job in the penitentiary that would beat the boredom of the mental hospital.

In the long account of his life, Paddock never expressed remorse. A few months later, a judge sentenced him to 20 years in a federal prison. He broke out after eight and spent much of the rest of his life on the lam.


I would like to close in reporting on some new information concerning the two bullet holes that were found in the two fuel tanks.  In my opinion this is extremely interesting.


Las Vegas madman Stephen Paddock seemingly targeted the hanger for the U.S. government’s super secret JANET airlines.   Law enforcement sources exclusively told that just afield of the two massive, circular fuel tanks at which Paddock fired, lies the shadowy terminal for JANET.  “JANET is essentially an airline that doesn’t exist,” a source told Radar. “It is not affiliated with any other airline.

Insiders call it the ‘CIA’s airline,’ but, informally, it’s known as ‘JANET’ because its pilots use that identifier over air traffic control frequencies.”

“The airline mostly uses JANET as a shuttle service for military VIPs between Las Vegas and Area 51,” the source added. “The joke is that the acronym stands for Just Another Non-Existent Terminal.”

“Insiders call it the ‘CIA’s airline,’ but, informally, it’s known as ‘JANET’ because its pilots use that identifier over air traffic control frequencies.”

“The airline mostly uses JANET as a shuttle service for military VIPs between Las Vegas and Area 51,” the source added. “The joke is that the acronym stands for Just Another Non-Existent Terminal.”

“It’s also a very intriguing angle given Paddock worked for the predecessor of Lockheed Martin, one of the U.S. government’s most relied upon military aviation manufacturers.”But the retired 64-year-old also broke a second window and fired at two circular, white-pained fuel tanks 1,110 feet from the concert site on the edge of McCarran International Airport.

Officials have now confirmed he hit the tank twice, although the bullets did not pierce their shells. Construction crews have already whitewashed the damage.

“Airport fueling has not been compromised,” airport spokesman Chris Jones acknowledged. “It’s functional.”

The tanks are owned and operated by Swissport, and used primarily to fuel numerous private airlines located around that part of McCarran. The closest airline is JANET.

In the wake of these revelations, Radar has learned JANET planes are officially owned by the U.S. Air Force — and operated by defense contractor AECOM. The planes neither carry nor display an N-number, and none of the usual identifying marks common to commercial and privately owned aircraft.

But those in the know them only by the distinctive red cheat line painted prominently across the planes’ fuselages.

The airline is most commonly used by the U.S. government to ferry military and government VIPs, and contractors between Las Vegas and Area 51, the super secret base where the military is believed to tests experimental weapons and aircraft. END OF QUOTE


We also know that the hard drive is missing from Paddock’s laptop, but in my opinion this is par for the course.


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