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The elite need a distraction very very badly and the ultimate distraction is WW3 or civil riots. When you understand that the Clinton Foundation leads to child trafficking through Jeffrey Epstein who claimed to help found the organization, drug smuggling like Mena 2.0 and weapon smuggling. Things become much clearer. Speaking of which a new movie called American Made with Tom Cruise completely decimates the Clintons. (coincidental timing or a concerted effort to bring them down?)

Although, people think its crazy the Clinton Foundation is a bipartisan issue because money has been donated to it by many people.


According to a former undercover FBI agent Marc Ruskin who whistleblew drug smuggling and several of my own sources there are 9,000+ sealed indictments in the U.S.


This is not just an information war this has been an ongoing civil war in the U.S. to take down the bad guys since former LA FBI head Ted L. Gunderson, former 10th CIA director William Colby, and many others rebelled against the Clinton and Bush crime families. I am not 100% sure but Marc Ruskin and Ted L. Gunderson likely knew each other given his age and involvement with the same heroin smuggling operations.

More information on Marc Ruskin confirming he is a whistleblower..


These corrupt parties of Republicans and Democrats have robbed the people blind although this email by Wikileaks which I just was given the other day shows the Dems pilfered union funds and worried about the consequence. The specific email shows them claiming "it could bring down the entire Democrat party." One billion in racketeering.. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/55711

The Wikileaks email leaks which I am 75% sure Podesta's emails came from a rogue in the NSA (due to talks in my circles), show murder, corruption, use of child sex trafficking or drug smuggling code words (leaning more towards child trafficking.) Although, Pizzagate was greatly exagerated by some the use of child sex symbols is bluntly obvious. Then there is the mysterious video I can't find anymore of a triangle ring and someone clapping in the audience.. However, what many miss is they think the children were kept at the pizza place. This is likely not true instead if it went on it was likely through the mueseum. Wikileaks revealed spirit cooking (the bizzare occult element.) Everyone pretends like everything is okay tell me how normal it is to drink blood, urine and semen mixed together? The elite have enough to hide so blame Russia as a scapegoat and cause WW3 at the expense of normal civilians to stop the dirty stuff coming out.

The corporate media just want war with Russia: plain and simple.

This would mean vast cash handouts across the Military-Industrial Complex, in which corporate media play a huge part.

'Russiagate' is an attempt to stoke the flames of war, similar to how the invasion of Iraq was built on the WMD lie.