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January 30, 2018, 4:06 pm EST


Regardless of one's politics or whether one likes or loathes Trump, this FBI scandal is a serious story, and yet most of the mainstream press dislikes Trump so much, they want to spin it and distort it. Or NON-report it or UNDER-report it, just make it seem like a non-story. But its not a they-said versus they-said thing at all. And the DEMS are doing their constituents and the nation a disservice by trying to frame it as as that.


The Fusion/GPS "dossier" is bull. Absolute BS. A mulligan stew of unverified hearsay and lies. Cooked up to please the dirty tricks operatives in the DNC & Clinton Camp (who paid for it). To use that for a FISA application was nothing short of insane. Truly as serious or worse than Watergate.

The facts of the story and the timeline are this...

1) Hillary's email scandal breaks.

2) She was guilty as charged.

3) She was using the private server because she was selling favors. "Give the Clinton Foundation 10 million bucks and State Department will approve thus and such request."

4) Obama was indeed emailing with her on her non-authorized account so he was in some hot water for that fact, immediately.

5) Thus if Hillary were indicted, he would become embroiled in her scandal and papers and communications of his subpoenaed. Plus he would look bad because she was HIS... Sec-State.

6) Sarah Carter at AXIOS News says she has it on solid sources OBAMA not COMEY was the "decider" (in Spring 2016) that Hillary must be let off the hook, not indicted. Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, all fell in line with Obama's dictum.

7) It was also Prez OBAMA who ordered the spying on Trump Tower and Trump Team. VERY POSSIBLY this move was done for similar reasons to Nixon and Watergate. NIXON was concerned what the DEMS might have on him, and his dealings with Howard Hughes. OBAMA may have ordered the wiretapping LESS to get the scoop on GOP campaign strategy THAN TO check and see if Trump Team had any further info that could get HIM, Obama, and his legacy-- in hot water. People are tending to automatically assume that the spying on phone traffic from Trump Team & Tower was to steal campaign strategy info clandestinely, but it may INITIALLY or even primarily have been a defensive move, from Obama.

8) Repeat, solid sources are unequivocal in saying IT WAS OBAMA not Comey or Brennan or Clapper that ordered the phone spying. And TWO THINGS were done. FISA okays were secured based on the bogus "dossier". And, GCHQ was asked to send Obama THEIR copies of phone surveillance on Trump Team /Tower. (As you recall in late 2015 Obama authorized GCHQ to have access to any NSA "data" upon request. Certainly reckless and ill-advised, but it was done by Obama). Thus in 2016 Obama decided to ask GCHQ to pass him THEIR COPIES of NSA phone surveillance material on Trump Team so there was no direct trail to the WH from the USA intel agencies. (Remember what Snowden revealed: NSA is collecting phone taps on ALLLLLL phone traffic WITHIN the USA--- as well a international calls. They are collecting EVERYTHING on American phones every day. That is what Snowden revealed). So Obama was getting the phone spy material clandestinely. And as a cover, in case a scandal blew up, he also ordered DOJ to get FISA approval for spying on Trump Team.. ...NONE OF THIS THAT I'M STATING about the unethical spying on Trump Team IS THEORY, this is already proven fact. The UK government memo is out and viewable online, the memo within the UK government saying GCHQ WILL DO THIS FAVOR for Obama and feed him their copies of the phone spying data. As well, the 99 page FISA document is out and online too. BUT mainstream media are shunning these two key facts and not reporting them. THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ARE OUT.... And-- btw-- so how did Trump know so quickly after taking office that during the campaign he + team had been unethically phone surveiled? Because Gen. Mike Rogers told him. That's how.

9) It was very likely that BEYOND Obama's interests, OTHERS in DC who knew about the phone spying, somehow got access to the surveillance materials and decided FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS AND PURPOSES to try and use them to build this goofy RussiaRussia story. There's no THERE there in the Muller hunt or it would have come out already. They are going off mission at Mueller's office because there was no THERE there, so now they are trying to indict people for bad haircuts and not wanting the FBI to dissect and discuss with them everything they said in their business phone calls. NOTE -- the CONTENT of the phone calls is not being questioned by Mueller, only the fact the interviewees didn't know the FBI had call transcripts and in interviews were not 100% forthcoming about call details. This is not a matter of one political philosophy versus another, this is simply dirty corruption. The RussiaRussia thing is abject nonsense and has been relentlessly voiced as a talking point of insinuation by the political left and news media sympathetic to them, as a political subversion. One may dislike the idea of Trump as POTUS, but this stuff we are looking at, the phone tap scandal, is beyond political partisanship. Its simply wrong, bad, illegal, and off the rails. But I think the central understanding one must digest to grasp this whole complicated picture is... MOTIVE.... Obama's actions were done hoping to protect his political legacy. Whether he knew or not that Hillary was selling favors WHILE SHE WAS DOING IT, or only learned later, the fact is, if her misdeeds were paraded across the nation's TV screens in full, very detailed manner, it would tarnish Obama's legacy. ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND OBAMA's MOTIVE, you start to get the picture of things as they are. Obama was wrong, DOJ was wrong, FBI was wrong. ITS A SERIOUS SCANDAL.



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