Couple Announces New Cat With Hilarious 'Birth' Photoshoot - The Dodo

Every time a shelter cat is adopted into a loving home, it’s cause for celebration. But one couple who recently did just that decided to let the world know about their furry new family member in the most unforgettable way.

They made a "birth" photo shoot starring their new kitty. Unsurprisingly, people can't get enough of it.

Photographer Lucy Schultz and her partner, Steven, don't have any kids of their own, but they are now the proud parents of a kitten whom they adopted earlier this month. Though it wasn't a move they made lightly, they knew how they wanted to memorialize the occasion when the time was right.

"I'd been talking about doing a kitten announcement shoot when I was finally ready to adopt for over a year," Schultz told The Dodo. "I just wanted to celebrate my cat adoption milestone as it's something I've looked forward to for such a long time."

Schultz enlisted the help of her colleague, photographer Elizabeth Woods-Darby. The two have worked together documenting human births so, as Schultz said, "it was natural territory to recreate the classic poses of birth and newborn photography" for the new cat.

"It was hard to keep a straight face through all the hilarity of it," Schultz said. "We had a blast!"

Fortunately, the "birth" went smoothly.

Here are some tender photos taken of the new family.

The photo shoot is certainly comical, but there's nothing insincere about how much love they have for their new pet.

"Elizabeth perfectly captured the excitement of our new bundle," Schultz said. "He really does bring us so much joy!"

The complete album of photos from the shoot has since gone viral on social media, and it's easy to see why. Hilarity aside, Schultz hopes it might inspire others to grow their own families with a pet in need of love: 

"My message to everyone who is digging these photos is to check out your local shelter, consider volunteering or become a foster home and consider adopting one of the amazing homeless pets out there!"

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