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i also wanted to ask about stricter gun reforms, gun safety, gun laws, and just have a discussion with him about it. because i feel like we -- if not me, a bunch of people just want to hear. we want to hear that things are going to change. we want to hear how things are going to change, and we want to hear that -- i mean, we've gone through this so many times before, columbine, sandy hook, las vegas. nothing has been done. and we want to see that something is going to be done. >> sophie, there is someone at the white house who talked about the shooting that happened at your school as a reprieve, and they meant in a very specific context. the white house had been getting a lot of bad press about scandals and so forth. i wonder how that strikes your ears, having lived through what you just lived through. >> can you repeat the question, please? >> someone in the white house referred to what happened in your school as a reprieve, an aide. and they meant it in a very specific context, that it was a reprieve from all the bad publicity the president and his staff lad been getting after