VIDEO - WATCH: Anti-Gun Parkland Students Give Most Insane, Embarrassing Interview Ever | Daily Wire

On Monday, Twitter hosted left-wing activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for a talk about their "Never Again" movement where they answered questions that were submitted to them using the hashtag #AskMSDStudents.

During the embarrassing interview, some of the students made wildly inaccurate statements that the moderator did not stop to challenge in what amounted to a circus show.

Here are some of the highlights:

David Hogg says white privilege is one of the biggest obstacles he's faced in his anti-gun agenda, and says media wouldn't cover the incident the same way in a black community "no matter how well those people spoke."

Cameron Kasky says mass shootings like Parkland "happen every day."


Hogg insinuates that he understands politics because of Netflix's "House of Cards," suggests it's just like "real life."


Hogg says it's "disgusting" that more minorities and women are not in government because "It creates this system where we have one line of thinking where it's a lot of rich white men like myself that are in politics."


Hogg says the NRA is making America a dictatorship: "These lobbyist groups like the NRA, they can buy our politicians but they can't buy our voices as American citizens and we need to realize that because when we don't, we don't have a democracy, we have a dictatorship."


Hogg says it's not a "Democrat" or "Republican" issue as he downplays the importance of how the local police, FBI, and school officials failed, and claims Marco Rubio is responsible for all of them.

Hogg launches into a bizarre attack against Dana Loesch. He also claims that he is not trying to take anyone's guns as he asserts that people only have the right to own handguns and pistols.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students criticize Kyle Kashuv because he has different views than they do.

Hogg attacks Kashuv for calling him out over his ridiculous and factually inaccurate comments, saying it's not productive.

Kasky says that "these corrupt politicians" do not want young people, minorities, and women to vote and only want "retirement homes" to be able to vote.

Kasky suggests he is facing tyranny from politicians.

During the talk about gun violence, Hogg talks about college debt, healthcare, and net neutrality.

Hogg says that politicians have blood on their hands because they accepted money.

Hogg attacks Bernie Sanders because he wants the ability to sue gun manufacturers.