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The Lame Cherry always comes at things from a different angle as how can you best Sara Carter pretty when it comes to Operation Crossfire Hurricane which is supposedly the working title of the FBI operation to frame Donald Trump.
What this popular girl is going to do is walk you through this with now connected facts from various sources and to place this into the world of Forensic Psychology.

This festering Marxist mess was sown by British MI6 into American politics to get Hillary Clinton elected, so that she would start a war with Russia. What the Lame Cherry is about to speculate on though is that this is a much deeper story in the forces who were behind the beginnings of Edward Snowden's leaks were in the process of heading off the complete bastardization of the American process which Birther Hussein had engaged in.

Where this begins is intelligence information found it's way to John Brennan at CIA which was being fed from Baltic, Jewish, British and Australian sources, as it was being fed directly by the FBI's mole, Stefan Halper, to transmit the information to Trump supporter, Papadopoulos, who then in a "drunken" bragging contest told the Australian ambassador about Russians having Hillary Clinton's emails from hacking the DNC server. This was bogus as the leaker was Seth Rich who was murdered for it, as he was Bernie Supporter and discovered that Hamrod had gotten Sanders to rig the primaries for her.

It was this, along with the Pissgate dossiers, and the infamous 3rd Dossier that John Brennan was shown and he keeps quoting, which sent Peter Strzok with another FBI agent to interrogate the Australian ambassador. From this information Operation Crossfire appeared to spy on Donald Trump.

Within hours of opening an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in the summer of 2016, the F.B.I. dispatched a pair of agents to London on a mission so secretive that all but a handful of officials were kept in the dark.
Their assignment, which has not been previously reported, was to meet the Australian ambassador, who had evidence that one of Donald J. Trump’s advisers knew in advance about Russian election meddling. After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an F.B.I. interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos. The agents summarized their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug. 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation. But at the time, a small group of F.B.I. officials knew it by its code name: Crossfire Hurricane.

Crossfire Hurricane is based on the first line of the Rolling Stones song Jumpin' Jack Flash which is based on Keith Richards birth, in Richards was born under the German bombing of London. It became the title of a documentary of the Rolling Stones.

Crossfire Hurricane is a 2012 documentary film about The Rolling Stones written and directed by Brett Morgen. The film chronicles the early years of the band through to 1981

If one reviews this song's lyrics they are quite disturbing, but it was this familiarity with brutality, which triggered whoever at CIA or FBI to produce this working title for the operation to destroy Donald Trump.
This is important to understand psychologically as Crossfire Hurricane explains everything.

"Jumping Jack Flash"

I was born in a crossfire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the driving rain

But it's all right now, in fact it's a gas
But it's all right
I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas

I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag
I was schooled with a strap right across my back

But it's all right now, in fact it's a gas
But it's all right
I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas

I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead
I fell down, to my feet and I saw they bled
Yeah, and I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread, yeah yeah
Yeah, I was crowned with a spike right through my head

But it's all right now, in fact it's a gas
But it's all right
I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas

 The name, a reference to the Rolling Stones lyric “I was born in a crossfire hurricane,” was an apt prediction of a political storm that continues to tear shingles off the bureau.

But what is a Crossfire Hurricane? It simply is a storm whose winds are blowing in one direction, and when the eye of the storm passes over your position, the wind switches to a 180 degree direction blowing from the opposite direction.

What is a "crossfire hurricane"? - Google Groups

I found the following definition for "crossfire hurricane": As the eye of a hurricane passes over a fixed spot the wind direction changes 180 degrees. /d/topic/

That is what is so important about Crossfire Hurricane in who chose this title, as they knew that Vladimir Putin was involved in a storm to influence the US elections, or more to the point they thought they knew as they had been told this.
Who told them this? The who is John Brennan and he was fed information from foreign sources named above, and the who in this was Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy which hinged on lambasting Putin again in running against him for the presidency instead of the Republican who Hillary thought was going to be Jeb in stealing the GOP nomination.
This all shifted though as Hamrod's campaign had worked out a primary theft using Bernie Sanders and this information leaked via Seth Rich who was then murdered. To cover up this leak, the Russian were blamed by a Ukrainian Security company sent in to investigate as Team Clinton stonewalled the FBI while blaming Russia.
It is concluded that during this period it was deemed politically advantageous to link the Russians to Donald Trump's campaign. Thereby tarnishing Trump as a traitor and Putin was involved in an act of war. This is the underpinnings of the entire intelligence operation against the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord elections, and how the typical Russian ham fisted meddling in propaganda, suddenly evolved to Russian superior bots working on Facebook, which had zero influence on the election.

What is of particular interest in this is the New York Times broke this story before the Inspector General's report appeared to deflect from it, but the writer in this was Matt Apuzzo, a reporter who has appeared before on the Lame Cherry as his name appeared in Page and Strzok texts.

The background on this is where this gets most interesting is Page and Strzok were planting stories, leaking to the leftist press to get Donald Trump. During this period they were phobic though because someone else was leaking stories about their stories, which were better informed, had better information, and Strzok and Page were terrified as that kind of detail was pointing the finger directly back at them.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The High Crimes of FBI Agents Page and Strzok


Matt Apuzzo though was being stalked by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, because of the information he was dispensing. How would you like to have two rogue FBI agents pulling up the data on your spouse and your children?
What possibly could be the purpose of this, but to intimidate this American.

The two agents also spent extensive time shortly before the 2016 election trying to track down information — including an address and a spouse’s job — about The New York Times reporter Matt Apuzzo, who has reported on numerous developments in the Russia case.
“We got a list of kids with their parents’ names. How many Matt Apuzzo’s (sic) could there be in DC,” Page texted. “Showed J a picture, he said he thinks he has seen a guy who kinda looks like that, but always really schlubby. I said that sounds like every reporter I have ever seen.”
A minute later, Page added another text: “Found what I think might be their address, too.”
Strzok writes back, “He’s TOTALLY schlubby. Don’t you remember?”
Page responded later by saying she found information on the reporter’s wife too. “Found address looking for her. Lawyer.”
Strzok cautions Page against using the work phone to track down information on the reporter. “I wouldn’t search on your work phone, ,,, no idea what that might trigger,” he texted.
“Oops. Too late,” she responded back.

These Alt Nazis involved in this Trump frame up, were literally investigating a New York Times reporter on their own, in trying to save themselves. This is vital to revisit as we know Page and Strzok were leaking in setting this operation up, but there is a mysterious character in this, a real deep throat who was leaking to the Times better information, and now Matt Apuzzo is back taking his pounds of flesh on these people with the operations name, just as the Inspector General's report was about to be posted. All this foreknowledge is the CIA Mockingbird at work. This CIA faction was not pleased that this secret society targeted one of it's reporters and more to the point, the CIA in this faction was planting stories to point to this Operation Crossfire, as this group wanted this coup discovered.

In remains unclear who selected Crossfire Hurricane, but there is no doubt that it touched off a ferocious storm, and the winds continue to thrash the White House and the F.B.I. itself. Matt Apuzzo is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter based in Washington. He has covered law enforcement and security matters for more than a decade and is the co-author of the book “Enemies Within.”@mattapuzzo Adam Goldman reports on the F.B.I. from Washington and was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for national reporting on Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.@adamgoldmanNYT

The Lame Cherry is bringing you back now to the original title of the operation in what it means. The small group who were involved in this and named the operation, knew a political storm was coming and that a counter intelligence operation (is what they thought) was coming out of Moscow. To put this plainly to understand, Brennan was running a group for Obama out of the White House which was going to bash Vladimir Putin and Russia to get Hillary Clinton elected. This group concluded that Putin was working against this already done deal, so therefore Putin was "working with Trump" to defeat Hillary Clinton who this intelligence group already concluded that Hamrod was a done deal in being President.
That is why Crossfire Hurricane is important as it reveals that Brennan in this group of leftists was about to turn the hurricane storm 180 degrees away from defeating Hillary Clinton to the storm turned against Donald Trump to destroy him.

Three principles are involved in this in Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok. McCabe is who was being briefed first before Priestap by Strzok, while John Brennan at  CIA was running this super secret operation.

We now know the background on this in an old Bush confederate, Stefan Halper, whose family was joined at the hip with the Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon deep state, planted a story about Russian hacking into a Trump aid, named Papadoplolous who Robert Mueller thumped early to turn him against Trump, and this was fed to the Australians whose Ambassador in London is who Peter Strzok and a yet unnamed FBI agent went over to interrogate.
From this Strzok was texting the woman he was manipulating in Lisa Page, as Counsel for the FBI, that his was the investigation that mattered. Strzok texted about his rabid racist contempt for Russians as a mongrel people, and returned to America to brief McCabe first at McCabe's orders.
It was in these texts that Page counseled tight control of the emerging fake evidence, and somewhere from London to the meeting in Washington DC, the code name CROSSFIRE HURRICANE was born as what this group of John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok intended to accomplish against Donald Trump the presidential elections of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
These operatives were initiating a Category 5 super destruction upon Donald Trump with no survivors in November.

As a side note in this, the FBI has redacted the Page and Strzok texts liberally, but in one exchange with a high ranking intelligence officer, Strzok told page he wanted to order this person to just leave, as the person stated that it appeared the White House was running this operation via Brennan.
It is concluded from the New York Times and other pieced together sources that the intelligence officer who was sounding red alarms was Admiral Mike Rodgers who recently retired. His name has been all over this and as he was retained by the President in his leadership, it is concluded that Mike Rodgers while involved was one of the individuals who understood this was election meddling and moving out of control like a storm.

With all of the above known information connected together, the following is what this blog assessed exclusively and posted here several years ago. It is not my mission to fill in all of the blank spaces. This popular girl informed you with the advent of Edward Snowden that an  operation was being initiated to take back the system which had been worked around under the Bush's, worked through with the Clintons and overthrown under Obama. Whatever Birther Hussein was as a CIA asset, whatever was the change, that structure of world order was set upon with a specific mission to root it out.
I do not conclude that John Brennan is an operative for the group which I have named The Control in honor of Robert Lansing in the Equalizer. This Brennan comrade group acts as if they are the ones in charge in there are no greater powers that be as Obama defined them.
What all of this looks like is a very well run counter intelligence operation to neutralize the London regaining control over America as is what MI6 was engaged in for colonial rapine. It appears a new order is rising in Europe, undoing this rotting order led by the genocidists of Europe.  It is why Sebastian Kurz is the defacto leader already as Austria is part of this hereditary order.

Now I am going to use red flag words which will label this as kook. For lack of a better term, the American robber barons sold out to communists during both world wars under Wilson and Roosevelt. After World War II, this group brought to America the greatest intellectual, scientific and artistic genius ever flourished in this world based in Goethe. It was termed Operation Paperclip where Nazi gold and uranium funded the American expansion, as these intelligence players moved America to the international stage against the internationalists.
Somewhere this order was supplanted and America began going to hell with the exclamation point named Birther Hussein, installed to complete the destruction. The Control was not gone though and has proven it is the hand which rocks the cradle.

What this blog has informed you of in terms you can understand is that there has been an internecine warfare between the CIA and the DIA. The DIA is who backed Donald Trump to stop this usurpation of America an the world. I do not advise you to think of this as Americans and traitors or right wing against left wing, but more on the terms of Adolf Hitler's process of National Socialist warring against International communists.
Mike Pompeo turned the CIA mechanism around and Gina Haspel as Director as a protege of the DIA will keep moving the CIA onto the proper path of leveraging resources. This is why the CIA New York Times was now revealing Operation Crossfire Hurricane. It was not as those on the right said to water down the Inspector General's report of Brennan Obama led crimes. It was to establish it as a matter of public record.

As this blog noted this grinding wheel is slowly moving forward. Democrat Senator Warner last week basically stated that collusion was a fraud. Robert Mueller this week was on his heels in pulling back from the Trump interview. These assets of the deep state just do not do this, unless they are getting orders from those above that the situation has changed.
I have told you the smart people have cut and run. Whether it was Matt Walsh and Mark Levin, or the flow of Hillary Clinton people who got sucked into this Pissgate dossier and soon enough were informed it was a coup and they did not want to end up on the wrong side in the purge. The signs are all there that something is building and it is protecting Donald John as this order is being re established in America.

The reason this blog states this is socialism, is because the junta is all socialists from John Kelly on down. It is what it is and there is not any way to change it, so one prudently swears allegiance and looks as a Christian for Christ's return or their going to Him, as one is dealing with a force which the most powerful cartel had all their agenda undone and taken control of, and all it can do is go Brennan nuts on Twitter.

I would expect that examples will have to be made and that will mean the IG's report will bring indictments and this thing will build to however far The Control wants to complete this purge. To put it plainly if The Control decided it desired to wipe president 44 from the historical roster and term him a Birther to send a message as they convicted him on high treason, that would be nothing to this group. I am not stating that is a future in all of this, but I do state the reach The Control is proving absolute and in that they will root out those who are competing against them.
It is why the advice this blog gave for the rich who were involved in this and thought they were untouchable, should be to confess they were fools and flee to some foreign state where it would be deemed exile would be permissible to the alternative.

All of this is evident for anyone who has been reading the published accounts. It simply requires some time to condition the public, distract the public, to bring them to an idea that there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to one day see ala lantern in America. 

Whatever the Lord moves me to post on this, as I will assume this is just getting to the fun part of the mob jeering at those being strung up for trial and the cowering of the loud mouthed antagonists who went after Donald Trump with a viciousness is something most people will relish as we never have in the modern era witnessed King Henry VIII hanging Sir Thomas Moore and placing in a new order of Thomas Cromwell in that Christian Catholic war of England.

The first real sign in the tide has turned in this, is John Brennan has gone silent and is not ranting to the press. If John Brennan has figured this out, then he is not as bright as Lisa Page who figured out to cut a deal and get out while she still could.

There is a line in  the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot which is worth remembering for the reality it is now for those in the secret society.

Does any man know where the love of God goes
When the waves turn the minutes to hours.

How does it feel to think you were above the law, the destroyer of democracies, and to suddenly learn that The Control is out there and it has been running circles around you, and you have not a clue who these people are, and all you are certain of is they have you, and they will decide when they come for you.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. How long do you think it will be before anyone ever catches up to what you just read.

Jumpin' Jack Flash.

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