VIDEO - Owens: Democrats Bringing Obama Back Out of Fear Over Trump's Success with Black Community

Conservative commentator Candace Owens believes the reemergence of former President Barack Obama, taking on the role of attack dog against President Donald Trump, proves the Democrat Party is “scared” heading into November’s midterm elections.

On Sunday, Fox News host Steve Hilton asked Owens on “The Next Revolution” if Trump’s message about African Americans experiencing the lowest recorded unemployment rate in U.S. history is resonating within the community.

“It absolutely is making headway and we saw that a few weeks ago in the Rasmussen poll that black support for Donald Trump has doubled,” said Owens, who serves as communications director for the conservative campus outreach group Turning Point USA.

A Rasmussen Reports poll in August showed Trump’s approval rating among likely black voters at 36 percent, a 17-point increase from the same time last year.

“Let me tell you why that is significant,” said Owens. “We have heard the left call everything, everyone, every story, every book, racist. They’ve said the word so much, it’s actually lost its meaning.”

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“They’re doing that because they’re scared,” she added. “Bringing back Barack Obama was a sign of fear. Make no mistake. They threw a Hail Mary.”

.@RealCandaceO on the current state of the Democratic Party: "It's completely splintered." @NextRevFNC

— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 10, 2018

Owens highlighted recent actions which she characterized as failures for Democrats, including New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s “I am Spartacus” moment at the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings last week and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ constant diatribes against Trump, calling for his impeachment.

“It was actually just bizarre,” Owens said of Booker’s performance.

Do you agree with Owens that bringing Obama back is a sign of fear from the Democrats?

Owens gave credit to Obama for at least appearing reasonable while he was president, particularly in light of how progressives currently sound.

“He’s a very good salesman,” she said. “He was always calm. It always meant he was in control. That is not what the Democrat Party looks like right now.”

“It is completely splintered,” Owens contended. “We’re seeing progressives versus the traditional Democrats in this disruptive, sort of aggressive platform of socialism that’s reappearing and they’re unseating Democrats, which is bizarre.”

The commentator concluded, “So it’s a very interesting time. I think they’re under the impression, there is going to be a red wave, so that’s why they’re bringing back Barack Obama.”

In July, Owens predicted there will be a “major black exit” from the Democrat Party.

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“There is going to be a major black exit from the Democrat Party, and they are going to have to actually compete for their votes in 2020,” she told Fox News.

.@RealCandaceO: There will be a ‘major black exit’ from the Democratic Party. @foxandfriends

— Brian Kilmeade (@kilmeade) July 5, 2018

Owens added, “We are already seeing a major shift.”

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