VIDEO - WATCH: MSNBC Plays Abusive Calls Made To GOP Senator. Panelists Defend The Abuse. | Daily Wire

MSNBC panelists defended abusive phone calls that were made to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in recent days over the upcoming confirmation vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"Look at another Republican who is kind of in this very interesting position right now, not necessarily because of the midterms, Susan Collins," MSNBC's Hallie Jackson said. "We have new reporting from our team on the Capitol Hill Frank Thorp, Leigh Ann Caldwell showing these abusive calls that she's gotten related to her vote on Brett Kavanaugh — this pressure campaign against her — I want to play you a little bit of the kinds of things that Collins is hearing about and getting, watch."

"If you care at all about women’s choice, vote no on Kavanaugh, don’t be a dumb b----," one caller said. "F--- you also."

"If you vote for him you are a feckless, feckless, feckless woman standing there letting Trump and his appointees steal healthcare from millions of Americans, steal the right to choose what women do with their bodies," another caller screamed. "And you stood by ‘Oh, I didn’t know, I’m so naive,' f--- you! F--- you!"

MSNBC contributor Yalmiche Alcindor — who is known for making wild and false claims — rushed to defend what she admitted was "obviously abusive" language, saying that "it's the passion of people."

Axios reporter Alexi McCammond failed to condemn any of the inflammatory rhetoric and almost appeared to justify it by saying, "That was from two men, it shows how it's an issue that's not just affecting women, it affects families."