VIDEO - Trump Rants Like Racist Grandpa at Meeting With MAGA-Negroes

Photo: Chris Kleponis (Getty Images)

Donald Trump set aside some time between racist rants to go on a racist rant with young black conservatives gathered at the White House to listen to the president give a rambling speech that hailed Kanye West, praised Jim Brown, gave a shout out to black people getting out of prison and asked the crowd of black supporters if any of them were “the bad ones.”

On Friday, the White House hosted attendees from Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, a conference hosted by the right-wing organization featuring some of Trump’s staunchest black supporters including the NRA’s Colion Noir; negro Ann Coulter impersonator Candace Owens; and the star and personification of Clueless, Stacey Dash.

Screenshot: Turning Points USA YBLS

After the line-dance portion of the event where Trump’s MAGA-Blacks got the chance to choose between shucking or jiving, a group of selected participants got the opportunity to listen to their friend’s grandpa who totally isn’t racist (he’s just “set in his ways”) list some of his best black friends. In an erratic speech that made the president sound like Archie Bunker high on cocaine, Trump touched on a variety of nonsensical subjects including:

The assemblage of MAGroes ate up every word, breaking out into chants of “USA! USA!” and “Build that wall!” to the president’s delight.

Meanwhile, watching from a small flat-screen television in the multimedia room in heaven, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Donda West and Jesus simultaneously wept.