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Sunrise Movement is affiliated to Justice Democrats.

Speaking tour

Varshini Prakash February 7 2018:

Hey everyone! Sunrise needs your help! We’re looking for connections in MN, MI, NY, FL, and PA.

Sunrise is going on a speaking tour again this Spring! Our trained Speakers will talk to thousands of young people about climate change, why it's happening, and how we can link arms across this nation to stop it together.

If you know HS teachers, professors, pastors, community leaders, or friends who can connect us to these kinds of people in these five states - tag them here/have them fill out the form ( Hit me up if you have questions/ideas! — with Alex Mijares, Tiffanie Jeffreys, Garrett Blad and Dyanna Jaye.

Sunrise Movement Founder Responds to 2018 Midterms

Nov 7 2018

“I founded Sunrise Movement last year in order to kick out corrupt politicians backed by Big Oil and elect a new generation of leaders who will fight for my generation. Last night was bittersweet. Young people voted in record numbers, many supporting visionary campaigns that imagined a more just and fair America that takes the climate crisis seriously. In fact, 19 of the 34 new House Democrats won without a dime of money from fossil fuel CEOs and lobbyists. This is unprecedented and should be celebrated. Still, our political system continues to be rigged in favor of the rich and powerful who spent hundreds of millions of dollars to block candidates and ballot measures that threatened their profits.

“To Pelosi and the new Democratic leadership in the House: we hear you have no plan to combat climate change. This is unforgivable. Our generation will no longer tolerate empty promises or words without action. We’re not expecting miracles; we understand the GOP is corrupted by dirty oil money and will stall us at every turn. We know that sweeping change isn’t possible until Trump is gone — but we need to start laying the groundwork now. We’re asking Pelosi and Democratic leaders to take up this fight alongside us, or step aside and make way for new leadership who will.”

Varshini Prakash, Co-Founder.[1]

"Green New Deal"

From the Sunrise Movement:[2]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has released a proposal for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal, a plan that would transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis.

We have the momentum to make a Green New Deal real, but we need a critical mass of Congresspeople to support the proposal.

Take action on Dec. 10 to show Congress the Green New Deal is a top priority.

Congressional supporters by December 1 2018:

Partners in support of the Green New Deal