VIDEO - NANCY? Pelosi suffers multiple brain freezes during short appearance

What’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The likely next Speaker of the House — and second in line to the presidency — suffered several brain freezes during a brief 18-minute appearance before reporters today.

Numerous times during the press conference, she awkwardly paused, staring at reporters, groping for words.

“… it is a bill that, uh,” she said early on, her eye spasming, “is much needed for our farmers and ranchers,” she continued, suffering a jaw problem, forcing her to repeat “ranchers.”

Moments later, Pelosi said, “I think we only had 47 votes against it in— yeah,” pausing, adding, “in the House of Representatives.”

No reporters in the room apparently aren’t ever alarmed by Pelosi’s behavior, as none of them report on it.

“…the American people should know the source of it,” she said, stopping, letting out a large sign before continuing, “again, we are engaged in the year end…”

After stopping mid-sentence to stare at reporters and saying, “I’m not sure,” Pelosi said of President Trump, “No I haven’t spoken to him since he called the other day, which was a very amicable— amicable, uh, conversation— amiable, I guess you would say, not amicable.”

She then suffered another brain freeze, motioning her hands, but no words exited her mouth.

Finally, she continued, “I talked to Chuck last night to say, you know,” before nodding her head repeatedly but alas, no words.

Lecturing the media, Pelosi said, “There are other things going on that are newsworthy, and I think…” she said, freezing briefly, “I think you’d have more viewers or readers if you addressed concerns that people have.”

“The list goes on about the georg— priorities that the committees have to establish,” she said of when the Democrats take control of the House, then swallowing deeply.

Talking about a recent visit to the Willard Hotel, Pelosi got her story confused, casting doubt on whether it was even real.

“We go to the hotel, see the staff and thank them— the service staff, the busboys, that. One of them said to me, ‘Here’s some advice I’ll give you. When they ask about the President’s tax returns, and he says,’ um, um, when they talk about the Mueller— that was it. ‘When they talk about the Mueller’— this is a newcomer to America,” Pelosi continued, “in the back of the restaurant of the hotel restaurant, saying, ‘When the President says the Mueller investigation is going on too long, just tell them not as long as your audit, Mr. President.

“Wisdom from the kitchen of the Willard Hotel,” Pelosi told reporters.

The Speaker-to-be suffered another brain freeze, before letting out a strange laugh.