VIDEO - Take back control of your videos ! #JoinPeerTube

Take back the power… and the responsibilities!

PeerTube isn’t a single video hosting platform with a single group of rules: it’s a network of dozens of interconnected hosting providers, and each provider is composed of different people and administrators. You don’t like some of the rules? You’re free to join the hosting provider of your choice, or even better, be your own hosting provider with your own rules!

Take control of your content

PeerTube allows you to share all your videos. Being in direct contact with a human hosting provider (or becoming your own) allows you to choose how their broadcasting is done. Your videos will benefit from tools to fill description, categorization, choosing a preview image and marking videos as not safe for work. Tweaking the Support button will allow you to show your audience how you want them to support your work.

Putting the users first

You’re a person, not a product. PeerTube is a free/libre software financed by a French non-profit organization: Framasoft. All instances are created, animated, moderated and maintained independently. PeerTube isn’t submitted by any company monopole, doesn’t depend on ads and doesn’t track you. With PeerTube you’re not a product: PeerTube is at your service, not the other way around.

Become an actor of your videos broadcasting

When you watch a video with PeerTube, the WebTorrent technology allows you to be part of the broadcasting of this video with the viewers who are watching it at the same time. This video stream sharing allows a healthier distribution of exchanges on the network. Moreover, the federation protocol (ActivityPub) allows to publish the videos and comments on other platforms that support it, such as Mastodon! (experimental)